GRNSW Release Draft Recommendations


Adam Dobbin

9 Nov 2017

Written By Adam Dobbin

Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) is asking industry stakeholders to provide feedback on a raft of recommendations set out in their recently released ‘NSW Racing Population Initiatives’ paper, focusing on three key areas – programming, incentives and grading.

The draft dossier has been compiled on the back of industry wide consultation, including face-to-face meetings across NSW in recent months, and the completion of over 550 online surveys from participants.

The discussion paper is designed primarily to maximise the NSW racing population, but also remove hurdles for participants that currently prevents them from getting the most out of the industry for themselves and their greyhounds, while prioritising animal welfare and responsible breeding practices.

The draft recommendations have been developed with consideration given to all feedback provided by stakeholders and aims to provide immediate solutions to the problems and frustrations regularly identified during the consultation period.

Stakeholders have until 5pm, Thursday November 23 to provide their views on the draft recommendations before the final paper is developed and submitted to the GRNSW Board for approval.

List Of Recommendations


1. Introduce Novice race programming at all NSW tracks, for greyhounds with 1-3 wins only.

2. Introduce the programming of races based on points (for example races for greyhounds with between 70 – 100 points).

3. Increase the frequency of programming Non-TAB heat series where the final is staged at a nearby TAB track (with no penalty). This is to apply to the New England and Mid-North Coast regions in particular due to the lack of TAB racing opportunities in the region.

4. Allow races to be drawn at a Non-TAB meeting with a minimum of five runners.

5. Introduce the programming of races for one win greyhounds at Wentworth Park Wednesday meetings.

6. GRNSW will engage all clubs and conduct a review of scheduled meetings for the second half of the 2017/18 season with a view to eliminate any unnecessary scheduling clashes between tracks in close proximity.

7. Program Masters racing at Non-TAB meetings.

8. Masters race events to be programmed at eligible TAB tracks once a fortnight.

9. Program Pathways racing at Non-TAB meetings.


10. Increase the TAB racing travel subsidy to $70 for a trainer’s first starter at a meeting and $20 for every other greyhound at that meeting. Non-TAB travel subsidy will remain at $20 for each starter.

11. Increase prizemoney for maiden races to the same as an equivalent 5th grade race at that distance and class of meeting.

12. Introduce NSW bred-only races that will be part of a bi-annual race series at all TAB tracks.

13. When a Non-TAB meeting does not receive sufficient nominations to draw 10 races at a meeting, the remaining prizemoney for the meeting is allocated to the races drawn at that same meeting.

14. Reduce the fee for participants to submit a Naming Application to $45 (currently $80).

15. Remove the fee for Ownership Transfers (currently $45).


16a. Remove the requirement for first starters to undertake a satisfactory performance trial before having a race start at a TAB track.


16b. Introduce a $20 travel subsidy for all greyhounds competing in a performance trial.

17. A maiden greyhound that does not get a start or a reserve spot after three or more successive nomination attempts will gain a preference at their next nomination attempt.

18. Remove the grading rule that requires greyhounds to win a graded race over 400m or more to be eligible to race in 280m events at Wentworth Park.

19. No penalty for greyhounds that win a final at an A, B or C class meeting in which they qualified at a different track and lower class of meeting.

20a. A greyhound of Masters age (currently three years and nine months or older) that has won an open grade event (5th grade or higher) in the past five starts will not be eligible for a Masters event.


20b. Introduce a maximum point score to some or all Masters events (for example 200 point maximum).

21a. Introduce a rotating point restriction or minimum point score to Pathways racing (for example restrict Pathways racing for greyhounds with 60 points or more).


21b. If a greyhound has not placed in three pathways races at TAB C level, they will only be eligible for Pathways races at Non-TAB meetings until they register a top three placing.




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