Industry Rally To Save ACT Greyhound Racing


Adam Dobbin

30 Nov 2017

Written By Adam Dobbin

STILL searching for much needed answers, droves of industry participants made their way to Canberra’s Civic Square on Monday, rallying to save greyhound racing in the Nation’s Capital.

Industry stakeholders from Victoria and NSW joined those from the ACT to support Monday’s ‘Can The Ban’ Rally, a unified demonstration of the Canberra GRC’s unwavering commitment to fight the ACT Government’s unjust ban on the industry to the very end.

With legislation for the nonsensical ban imposed on the industry from May 2018 passing through ACT Parliament on Tuesday, Canberra Greyhound Racing Club Chairman Alan Tutt vowed at Monday’s rally to fight the ban to the absolute end.

“This is the most unfair thing I’ve ever known since self-government was introduced in Canberra,” declared Tutt.

“We’re going to take it the courts, we’ll take it as far as we can – we’ll go all the way to the top to fight this.

“There’s been no consultation, no freedom of choice, nothing but a witch hunt to shut an industry down based on no evidence whatsoever with an unblemished animal welfare record.

“They have underestimated the greyhound power and the people,” furthered Tutt.

On Tuesday morning, Canberra Greyhound Racing Club strategist Kel Watt issued a press release, imploring media outlets to expose ‘Labor’s Biggest Greyhound Lie’.

“When legislation to ban greyhound racing in the ACT is debated later today (Tuesday) it is odds-on you will hear the repeated lie that Labor is fulfilling an October 15, 2016 election promise to end the industry,” Watt said.

“We no longer expect fairness and honesty from the Government. However, we believe credible and professional journalists will report it for what it actually is: Labor’s biggest greyhound lie.

“It is a lie. It is easily proven to be a lie. You simply have to look at Labor’s own words throughout this saga.”

Labor’s Biggest Greyhound Lie

16 June 2016 Former Racing Minister Mick Gentleman gives unambiguous support for racing and industry funding.

23 August 2016 Former Racing Minister Mick Gentleman says “We are currently considering the Special Inquiry Report and the NSW program of reform alongside the review we will be undertaking into the Memorandum of Understanding with the ACT Racing Industry shortly. This work will guide a decision about the future of greyhound racing locally, noting that most participants actually reside in NSW.”
His carefully worded written statement is issued to the media after a meeting with CGRC representatives.

11 October 2016 When asked about the NSW Government decision to let greyhound racing continue, ACT Chief Minister Barr says a ban would not be implemented but funding would be cut.

15 February 2017 Asked in Question Time if greyhound racing will remain legal after 1 July this year, Minister Gordon Ramsay says “yes”.

23 June 2017 Eight months AFTER the Election Minister Gordon Ramsay formally announces a ban.





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