Industry Survey – How Are You Affected?


The Greyhound Recorder

14 Jul 2016

Written By The Greyhound Recorder

In the wake of NSW Premier Baird’s decision to shut down the greyhound racing industry in July 2017, we have fielded many calls from participants concerned about their future.

It has prompted us here at The Greyhound Recorder to allow the voices of every industry participant to be heard and seen.

We have set up a survey where you can submit your location, connection to the industry and how the decision will impact you both now and in the future if this decision goes ahead.

Submissions will be plotted onto a map of Australia (see below) to show visually just how much this will hurt thousands of Australians.

Together, we will paint a more accurate picture.

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  • Adam Akers [ View On Map ]

    The ban will affect me and my family financially me and my family have in vested thousands of dollars in the industry and been involved in the industry our whole lives it is affecting or livelihoods and our Australian way of life


  • Adam Campton [ View On Map ]

    There are 4 of us on this property my brother his partner and my partner and I . We have put hundreds of thousands of dollars into this place in the past 2 years with fencing , kennels and a council DA for our greyhounds.. We are all living in 1 house while we get started. We have plans for a second dwelling going to council now to be certified. My income of breeding to sell pups, race greyhounds and do form analysis for giddy up will all come to a close.. My 30 race dogs and pups are now all worthless money wise.. My grandfather is 81 and has been in the sport since he was 12 and now he is totally devastated… My close friend and family are all my owners and I have sold them dogs that are now worthless … We are all struggling to come to terms with this and still don’t know what to do to move forward.. My Aunty and older brother all have greyhounds and our family passion is being ripped from underneath us.. It’s my life’s dream now taken away by Mr Baird

  • Adam Kelly [ View On Map ]

    To whom it may concern ,I’ve recently received my owners licence and currently constructing kennels to apply for my trainers licence and also own 2 pups which are 13 months old so I will lose money if they can’t have a chance to run which I paid $3000 for them and also own a 3 month old pup which is worth $1000 and a frozen vial its worth $5000 .This decision is completely wrong by mike baird it will go down in history as the worst decision made by a politician .

  • Adam Murphy [ View On Map ]

    Currently a university student, working out of Wentworth park, I based my decision to study the area in which I’m studying because of greyhound racing. Job loss, motivational loss- won’t continue studying.

  • Adamson [ View On Map ]

    Admittedly, i’ll be affected at a lesser extent than most. However, my close friends within the Australian Greyhound community will all be hit hard by these changes. Innocent people and dogs, whose lives will be changed for the worse, due to a few bad eggs. I stand beside them, in the defence of their right, as honest people who work within the law, to not be dictated to in such a startling manner due to a minority of serious offenders! It’s just sensless, and a clear indication that the NSW government cannot be bothered to put in the hard yards to save the industry and the livelihoods of thousands of innocent people AND dogs!!

  • Alex Anderson [ View On Map ]

    On Drs advice I train greyhounds, this is to have me socialise
    with others, and exercise. I have found this beneficial. My family
    will attest to the overall improvement to my medical and mental health. Occasionally I will win a race, however this is not the benefit I derive from the sport. I’ll always have health problems, but I believe the interaction I have with my dogs and the people in the sport has improved my quality of life.
    What the future holds without my dogs and the friendship of the people involved in the sport, I don’t know. Probably revert to being a miserable old bastard, sitting in front of the TV all day, waiting for St Peter to give me a call.

  • Allan Bennett [ View On Map ]

    If you lose the greyhound racing industry because of a few what are you going to do about the horse racing industry killing horses that don’t make it? Will the government be closing the smokes and alcohol industry because of the people that die due to use of these products? Then you have every single industry that produces or provide entertainment for people to shut down. If you as the government are going to close down greyhound racing then are you going to stop the gambling on greyhound racing in N.S.W and for go the revenue that you will collect it must be nice to have your cake and eat it as well. I guess you could always pay out the revenue in social security benefits to all the unemployed people this decision has created .

  • Amanda [ View On Map ]

    Devastating for the whole family, Loss of income, employment, hobby, passion, can’t afford to keep my beloved greyhounds.

  • Amanda Ginn [ View On Map ]

    This will be the end of 40 years of hard work for my family.

    Not to mention the thousands who have never relied on any government hand out in their lives  …will now be standing in centrlink queues .

    Bankruptsy , and emotional disaster for thousands .

    Not easy to find a job when you live in a town of 389 people .

  • Amy Lewis [ View On Map ]

    My sister in law’s young family will be greatly affected as they watch their whole life go down the drain! Regulate the system don’t punish those who have done the right thing for many years!
    They will possibly need to move relocate 3 young children if they can not find alternate jobs in a rural town.
    We have offered for them to move to Sydney to our house if needed- but why should they have to?
    My husband does kennel work there and his company will also miss out – not to mention all the other suppliers. I work in transport and flying greyhounds around the country is a big business for major airlines . This decision effects a lot more than just the trainers and breeders. Regulate!!!!

  • Anderson [ View On Map ]

    It is a hobby for my family something we enjoy doing.
  • Andrew Groizard [ View On Map ]

    I got my first greyhound when I was ten years old and had them ever since ,now over fifty,they are my life!
    How can one person be allowed to cause so much pain to innocent people for his own political gain!!
    Is NSW still part of Australia?

  • Andrew Katalinic [ View On Map ]

    My parents have been in the greyhound racing industry for 40 years way before I was born. I have now followed in my parents footsteps and own 5 greyhounds myself. 3 are only a couple of months off making the track and the other two a pups and most likely won’t make the racetrack if the Baird government get there way on this disgusting decision.

  • Andrew Saad [ View On Map ]

    It’s left me confused. I have no idea what will happen to my dogs

  • Anne Foley [ View On Map ]

    My husband & I r retired. We have both been in the sport, me all my life, him most of his life. We don’t play golf we don’t play croquet, we train our dogs together. It’s what gets us out of bed every morning as u can’t pick & choose the days we play our sport, it’s 24/7, 365 days of the year. IT IS OUR LIFE. It is who we are & what we are.

  • Anne Kada [ View On Map ]

    Greyhound participation is my hobby. I love my dogs, they are my pets first and race dogs second. I am extremely upset that a decision to close an entire industry is based on a report containing little factual evidence. I used to be involved with animal welfare for companion animals. All of the people I know in this industry (and I know a lot of the trainers) really love and care for their dogs. The characters in the industry keep me smiling and laughing. This has become my life. I have a huge respect for the trainers and breeders. The amount of work, long hours and travelling could not be replicated in other industries. This is a seven day a week commitment and we do it because we are passionate about the dogs and the industry. It feels like my children are going to be taken away from me. This is also my social life – catching up with other passionate people when I am racing and trialling. I will miss this way of life so very very much.
    Mr Baird – you have a lot to answer for!

  • Anthony Azzopardi [ View On Map ]

    Our business primarily trains greyhounds at a professional level with a majority of our racing stock being bred and owned by our owners from NSW. Our future racing will be affected and certainly reduced in the future years.

  • Anthony Jeffress [ View On Map ]

    This decision if allowed to proceed will potentially cause irrepairable damage to the entire greyhound industry in Australia, and potentially even overseas.

    The 98%+ of good, hard-working participants should be permitted to carry on their pasttime (or profession, in  many cases) without fear of persecution, provided they do so within the appropriate confines of the relevant, REASONABLE and fair legislation.

    To single out our industry among the various racing “codes” is unwarranted, unjust, and unnecessary.

    Mr Baird (& of course the obviously-biased Special Commision of Inquiry findings) cite a range of figures and purported “facts”; most of which are shakey (at best), and outright inaccurate / lies (in several instances).

    It is critical for the survival of the breed & the thousands of people actively invloved in greyhound racing that we object in the strongest possible terms; and that we do not stop fighting until we win the right to continue to enjoy our chosen sport.

  • Anthony John Hoyland [ View On Map ]

    Im stuffed where is a man that hasnt worked in 6 yrs 50yr old gunna get a job

  • Anthony John Hoyland [ View On Map ]

    I moved here from brissy 3yrs ago setting up the ideal greyhound breeding rearing greyhound place. Previously i nursed my mum to the end i havnt worked oaid employment for years im 49 whos gunna employ me. I cant sell this place owes me 600k
  • Anthony Wall [ View On Map ]

    Loss of jobs

  • Arthur Langman [ View On Map ]

    We own 40 dogs in OLd Bar near Taree, we moved here 10 years ago and purchased this property particularly for our dogs. We are devesated by the proposed decision, our dogs are our life. We own another business that employs up to 30 people (nothing to do with dogs or other animals) and we can’t see too much other reason for us to stay in the region, so it also has the potential to put more out of work. Having the dogs is a blessing in our lives, we don’t have kids, we have fur kids that love to run fast!
  • Ashleigh Board [ View On Map ]

    I am Ashleigh Board and I am 7.

    I love patting and cuddling the baby puppies. I help feed the dogs in the kennels and wash up the dishes for Pop. I ride my bike down the back to help Dad and Pop put the milk in with the puppies. I race the dogs on my bike, I think they cheat because they always win.

    I loved going to Wentworth park with all my family to watch Spring Leaf race.

    I have a photo of my dog spring it on in my bedroom, who won on my birthday. Col sent a photo and it says I’m the owner.

  • Ashleigh Harris [ View On Map ]

    Greyhound racing for me is a hobby ,shutting it down is taking  away something i truly love to do .I have met some amazing kind hearted people by being in this industry and its heartbreaking to every single one of us what the government is planning to do.Greyhounds are the most amazing,sweetest animals that love what the do.

  • Aussie Dog and Pet Transport [ View On Map ]

    I am owner of greyhounds and also owner of a small business transporting greyhounds. The closure of the industry would have a devastating affect on my business and livelihood. Especially as I just invested a large amount of money in a state of the art transport vehicle to ensure all my clients greyhounds are comfortable during long haul transport.

  • B & M Bright [ View On Map ]

    The Ban to us will  mean we will loose everything we have. We have a 9 acre purpose built facility in the Hunter Valley. We have poured every cent into setting up the facility for rearing litters with 13 rearing yards each housing four (4) pups at a time, spelling and training. Our future losses will be monumental and a future which will not be sustainable for us.  We will loose our livelihoods, our property, our passion our love. The young boys that help us on the property who have lost there way a bit in life will possibly loose there way again in life through rejection and taking away what they love in there life and are fantastic at what they do. We love & treat all of the dogs like our own and it is widely known our establishment is of a reputable and professional standard. We do take animal welfare as a serious matter. The ban will also take away our social life and all the good people associated with greyhound racing. Please save Greyhound Racing in NSW.

  • Backmans Greyhound Supplies [ View On Map ]

    As one of Victoria’s largest pet food suppliers to The greyhound industry our business and our employees rely on the continuation of Greyhound racing & Breeding.

  • Barbara Katon [ View On Map ]

    We have just bought a property in Jerrawa with the plan of retiring on training Greyhounds for our income doing something we love and still being independent from Government handouts for our old age living. We are going to loose everything we have worked and saved for the last 30 years. All the money we have saved has been invested in this property and spent on the upgrades required to continue racing kennels, all of this will be lost. We will have nothing left but a mortgage to pay with no income and no sport to enjoy and live for. My husband has become depressed about loosing everything he has worked for and retiring for and we do not know how we will go on.

  • Barbara Katon [ View On Map ]

    I will loose everything my husband and I have worked for the last 30 years

  • Barry Campton [ View On Map ]

    Im80 years old and I’ve have greyhounds is I was 12 I’ve pass the baton down to my son, grandson an now showing July great grandson the ropes.

    We get the whole family together for race days/night this is not only naming the sport it will be the end of the greyhound breed as well as my family time

  • Barry Foley [ View On Map ]

    I have been involved in the sport for most of my 72 years as a owner trainer & handler. I met my wife of 27yrs at the races & we work as a team day in & day out on our beloved dogs. We share the good times & the bad times & it keeps us together as a team.

  • Barry Riccio [ View On Map ]

    Its my past time I DON’T make any money from the game its my passion and love of the animal the last dog i had to put down was riddled with cancer and she was 12 I didnt slaughter her I humanly put down at the vets

  • Belinda Coom [ View On Map ]

    It is part of Australia’s heritage. My heritage.

    I am not involved with the greyhounds but 3 generations before me were. This is deeply saddening and affects so many people and dogs. Please do not go through with this. This is a part of our culture and every greyhound owner trainer and breeder I know is busting their gut reforming. Give reform a chance.

  • Ben [ View On Map ]

    I currently am a pro punter and also do form (tips, comments, speed maps and prices) for formguide – i also hire 2 f/t people who will not have a job either.

  • Ben Campton [ View On Map ]

    It will destroy my family’s life. They live for the greyhound industry

  • Ben Williams [ View On Map ]

    I have two dogs that have retired from racing in nsw. If greyhound racing didn’t exist I wouldn’t have my pets. What a disgraceful decision

  • Bill Katon [ View On Map ]

    I hadn’t owed a greyhound for nearly 25years until I bought some shares in two pups on the 4of June 2016 as my brother has a rearing and pre trying complex . This decision to ban the greyhounds in nsw will send him and his family broke .

  • Bill Whittle [ View On Map ]

    The ban effects our trainers life immensely. As an owner who is in the industry for enjoyment as greyhound racing is something I love to watch and have always wanted to be involved in, it effects one of my favourite sources of destress. As a teacher it is a chance to get away, relax and enjoy myself. My two kids love watching the greyhounds race and have been begging me to take them to the races. The racetrack is a place that I socialise with friends and get away from the worries of the world. If the racing industry is closed this will no longer be the case. I am very upset by this and as one of 37 owners across over 20 dogs we are closely watching which politicians vote which way and we will be making that known at our next election.

  • Blaster Park [ View On Map ]

    This will put an end to our passion ! to our childrens future to our greyhounds future ! to the future of our clients and also to the many suppliers we use for a range of different products !

    We have sat and talked about what we will do in the morning ?

    we just don’t know no dogs to feed work and paly around with our days are going to be very boring !

    Greyhound are our life with out them we have no life.

  • Bob Arnold [ View On Map ]

    I am owner,breeder ,trainer, rearer this would cause me to move back to Victoria as i will not give up dogs for anybody,  I’ve really love where we live in the Shoalhaven, we have made great friends over the 13 years we have been here, but also we will be leaving our grandchrildren here, but irefuse to give up our dogs for that #### bag baird, my wife is very upset about this aS I AM , BUT WE HAVE GOT FIGHT ALL THE WAY.

  • Bob Roderick [ View On Map ]

    I’m an owner breeder trainer and been around greyhounds for about 35 yrs.Im only a hobby trainer but this has been my passion for all these years.This will take all of that away.There are scum out there who have done the wrong thing,get rid of them,they are in the minority,let us in the majority continue on with what we love and that is caring loving and racing our beloved greyhounds

  • Boyd Racing Kennels [ View On Map ]

    It will close my kennels down. I am a small kennels having room for 20 race dogs in two kennel blocks . One is not even a year old. Just built a brand new whelping garage to whelp brood bitches .this cost my family around $40K
    This will also affect my meat supplyers and local rural supplyers who I buy my kibble . Fencing products. Etc from.
    It will also effect my local Saint Vincent depauls whom I buy all my dog blankets off.

  • Brendan McHattan [ View On Map ]

    Hi, My family and I currently own 4 race dogs ( 17 months old ) so about 4 to 8 weeks of racing, 1 brood bitch that we are waiting to come on season thankfully she is Victoria tho. And three 6 month old pups. I live in Nyngan NSW our nearest track in Dubbo 165km away, the 17 month old pups were the first litter I breed I reared them at home till they were 13 1/2 months old. Then I sent them to In my opinion NSW best breaking in facility in Glengarrie, the standard of this facility is second to none. The best for there for 4 weeks two of them broke in with great reports I could of sold them for really good money at the finish of the four weeks, the other two broke in ok about 3 tenths slower. So I took them home and spelled them for 6 weeks. Then I sent them back to Sydney to be pre trained, the best three are now being trained for me, the other dog I bought home myself to race around the bush.. However GRNSW have suspended all new applications so I can’t get my trainers licence..

  • Brian [ View On Map ]

    The downturn in employment in the local greyhound industry will reduce the disposable income available to spend in my retail store. This in turn will impact employment in my business ongoing. In a regional area with high unemployment the possibility of structural change in employment is unlikely in the short to medium term. What alternative employment will these people take up?

  • Brian Moloney [ View On Map ]

    Although this only a hobbie for me & my family it’s also my passion since I was a 12 year old kid. I am not from a greyhound background but when I got my first dog it became a family passion of my family’s as we would travel away to meetings as a family together. My first dog lived at home with mum & dad till she passed at 12.
    This has now become a passion for my family(wife & 2 kids) who love to attend the dogs anytime we get the chance. My kids love our dogs & regularly help feed them.
    I have met a lot of great people in this industry who Look after their dogs better than themselves.
    And as for my dogs I have 5 pet greyhounds,3 race dogs &3 pups that are only 4 months old so they will be the victims of this ban they will never get a chance to do what they love.

  • Brian Terry [ View On Map ]

    I have been getting dogs from a couple of NSW trainers to train in QLD. If it closes in NSW this opportunity to continue had ended.

  • Bryan Young [ View On Map ]

    Destroy my way of life.
  • Cameron H [ View On Map ]

    I will lose my Job my car and if I can’t find work at 47 yo quickly I will lose my house.
  • Canya Grayhound Complex [ View On Map ]

    My partner & I purposely purchased our 100 acre property 14 moths ago to build & create a high end greyhound rearing, breading, training & racing facility for the amazing athletes the greys are. My whole family live and breath greyhounds all day everyday, its our full time job and passion, we also employ another young family fulltime to assist with the complete running of the complex, with casual help along the way.
    To wipe out the industry in nsw will completly see these 2 families without an income & the property will be of no use to anyother type of business as it stands.

  • Carl Haas [ View On Map ]

    I purchase greyhounds from all over Australia, with many from NSW. Those purhased in NSW are all via a phone call sight unseen, and each pup has been in perfect condition.

    Each greyhound purchased once retired from racing or not up to standard has either been adopted or retired on my farm, that is a100% strike rate for close to 10 years

    NSW have the reputation as the best breeders & readers in Australia, a ban due to the very few bad deeds of a limited few rouge operators would be a travesty of justice, and will impact me by the ban of the highest quality product.

    To be retrospectively judged on current new standards of reform with out being given the appropriate time is simply unaustralian.

    That said massive reform has already taken place over the last 18 months. This reform would of commenced earlier if the tri code agreemeent allocated fairly to greyhound racing based on market share.

    One final word what is social licence, does it have a definitive definition?

  • Carolyn Jones [ View On Map ]

    Greyhounds owned by the Hallinan family that I have trained has been my source of income the last financial year

  • Cathy Natsh [ View On Map ]

    This will affect all Australuan owners breeders and trainers Australia wide

  • Cessnock Pet And Greyhound Supplies [ View On Map ]


    l am a small business owner in Cessnock I have been in business for 23 years.

  • Chantelle Priestley [ View On Map ]

    Our lives are based around it it’s a silly decision that will affect too many people for negative reasons

  • Charmaine Roberts [ View On Map ]

    Cannot begin to contemplate the impact this will have on my life and my dogs… My whole life has been completely ruined all because 2 people see this as a cruel sport.

  • Chezza Francis [ View On Map ]

    It won’t have any affect on me, but it will affect thousands of families, and also job queues will get longer, why only nsw, and if you are going to do thins idiotic thing, you also have to koi all domestic cats, as they kill a lot of wildlife, so I hope you change your mind and don’t punish the magority because of a small minority thankyou

  • Chris [ View On Map ]

    Absolutely gutted by this ridiculous decision. I’ve been training dogs on and off since I was 14 years old. My dad, worked shift work and I exercised the dogs of a morning, walking the streets.

    It’s more than a hobby, it’s a lifestyle to me, win, lose or draw.

  • Chris Halse [ View On Map ]

    Myself and my partner Linda Britton have trained a large volume of greyhounds over many greyhounds from Nsw with great success. We also have had a large amount of dogs reared and pre trained in Nsw also . The majority of the dogs sent from nsw retire here and have been placed on the GAP program here in Western Australia .
  • Chris Watson [ View On Map ]

    im a recent owner of 2 greyhounds that are not racing yet and was looking forward to seeing them race and a good day or night out with family and friends. With the governments decision i wont get to see my 2 dogs race.

  • Christine [ View On Map ]

    I work at two tracks this keeps me off centerlink. My husband and I have 23 greyhound in which we have 3 brood bitchs,14 unnamed pups and 6 races dogs. We love our dogs like they are our kids. It helps my husband with his medical problems by walking our dog very day. Our towns in this area need this to survive.

  • Christine Goodwin [ View On Map ]

    1/ If you ban training greyhounds in NSW, does that mean I must drive illegally from QLD to VIC and hope that I do not get caught in NSW?
    2/If you are still going to ban dog racing, will you also ban the NSW public from betting on interstate greyhound races, or do you still want to collect betting funds from the TAB?
    3/ You will remove a network of trainers to enable best opportunities for each dogs racing career.

  • Churchill [ View On Map ]

    Breeding, and having fewer options for racing dogs in a lower class ie. Country NSW
  • Claire Stroud-Seaman [ View On Map ]

    I work as the starter at the Dubbo track. But also worked at Bathurst Richmond and Coonamble. The ban will take away my employment and the money I use to support my 2 kids!
  • Claire Stroud-Seaman [ View On Map ]

    I have been working at greyhound racing clubs for 6 years! I love it. I have never owned a greyhound I would love a retired one. All the owners and trainers I have come across are wonderful people and they love their greyhounds. It would hurt me to lose my job at the track financially and break my heart seeing all those wonderful people hurting and struggling with losing their lively hoods.

  • Claudio [ View On Map ]

    I’m a father of two, I have a son who’s five, my daughter is 4 who has autism and my partner and I are expecting our third on Christmas.

    I use any money I make from racing my dog to help support us with my daughters medical needs.

    I don’t know what to do or how I can continue to provide the Theropy that she needs if I have to get rid of my dog.

  • Colin O’Donnell [ View On Map ]

    It is a Crime against Innocent people, by Corrupt and Warped people who are intending to gain Personally.
    That in itself has a Damming effect on me and my Belief in Democracy and a Fair go for all.

  • Colleen Abela [ View On Map ]

    I will be affected much less than thousands of other people. My husband is a hobby trainer and he has been into greyhounds for almost 50 years.
    From a purely selfish point of view, it could be said that this ban will be good for me- I will be able to have a life, no more tied to the dogs, having to be home at least 4 times a day, 7 days a week. We can decide to go away for a weekend or a night or a holiday without having to organise someone responsible and experienced to look after our dogs.
    But I am devastated and often in tears, for my husband, for all the good people in the industry, for the death of democracy and a fair go in NSW.

  • Colyton Veterinary Hospital [ View On Map ]

    We are involved in greyhound reproduction services as well as providing veterinary services in the health and welfare of greyhounds. We currently employ 18 staff which includes 6 vets and 12 veterinary nurses. This has grown from originally 5 staff in 2008.
    Greyhound services would probably account for 20% of our total turnover and the industry shutdown would obviously cause a significant drop to our annual turnover. This ultimately would lead to job losses as we no longer will have that income to support our current staff numbers.
    We have in the past supported the industry by sponsoring charity events, race meetings, auctions and advertising in greyhound publications.
    We have also invested heavily in equipment used in our reproduction including endoscopy, blood testing machines and laboratory equipment for frozen semen. This equipment will not be utilised in the veterinary hospital without a greyhound industry.

  • Con Haagmans [ View On Map ]

    Having held a trainers licence for over 40 years this ban will affect me in a smaller way than previously, when i trained professionally for owners many of whom lived in NSW.
    However the majority will suffer the sins of a tiny few and will affect many of my friends and their families.

  • Courtney [ View On Map ]

    My pop raced greyhounds my whole childhood I now take my kids and my kids won’t be able to take kids which is an unfair choice 20percent of people do wrong thing fine them punish them but for the rest of the 80percent why should they all suffer mike Baird how can u ban greyhound racing but not horse!!!! Won’t stop ✋ until this stupid ban is thrown out the window!!!!!!!!! Who are u to make the decision for us nsw people on this!!!!!!!!!

  • Craig Elliot [ View On Map ]

    The flow of greyhounds to Victoria has already reached saturation point – however that issue pales into oblivion when compared to the very real prospect of Greyhound Racing becoming extinct Australia wide. No doubt our enemies have that as their goal – this is the time to fight our detractors with every bone in our bodies – stop them in their tracks in the courts because the politicians certainly won’t. We need a few scalps – starting with the NSW premier – a new TAB distribution arrangement in NSW passing on the codes rightful share of funds to grow and upgrade to the requirements of the day. It effects me directly – more difficult to win a race – impossible to sell a pup – character assassination being a greyhound participant – someone needs to tell our side of the story. At this point I would liken it to a 5 set tennis match – Mike Baird & Co. have won the first set!!

  • Damien Bates [ View On Map ]

    I’m an owner / trainer in SA with family and close friends in the industry in NSW. I’ve witnessed first hand the hard work they have put in aswell as invest a lot of money to ensure that the dogs are kennelled in the best environment. Fed the best food, and have access to first class treatment.

    I have races my dogs in NSW , have the intention of breeding and reading at friends properties and the immediate situation also effects my minds set in investing in the future from this point further.

    I truly feel for the great people in the greyhound industry in NSW and hope that the sensible decision can be made to continue and further establish the steps they have made in the last 18 months

  • Daniel Brown [ View On Map ]

    I have 1 brood and 8 pups that will not be able to be raced and most likely not be able to be placed in a adoption agency.

  • Danny Oliver [ View On Map ]

    I have 11 greyhounds and broodbitches which i love and cherish beutiful animals im devestated and bewilded that there was no consultation

  • Darren [ View On Map ]

    The decision made by Mr Bairds Government will impact my life socially, emotionally and financially.
    As an owner of 2 beautiful, loved and highly supervised greyhounds I will delve into the financial situation in short.
    I paid market value equivalent to a brand new small car for 2 top quality pups that had been reared with associated cost such as:
    To the community vet on many occasions , local pet shop toy supplies, local fruit markets for quality fresh ingredients for the stews/casseroles, local butchers for specific cuts of meat, the independent fuel shop for the countless car rides, the local hardware store to build purpose built kennels and rearing puppy yards, the sub contractor to maintain the yards on the rearers property, the advertising cost associated with selling a specific bred dog, the countless hours of the breeder and rearer and to the dog transport company that I used to transport to my trainer.
    I’ve run out of room to write any further, such as my trainers expenditures

  • Darryl Fitzsimmons [ View On Map ]

    To be honest I’m too upset to comment.

    I never shed a tear at my mum and dads funerals and that is fact but today some 5 days after this shock announcement find myself in a sobbing mess greyhound racing has been in my family since the early 1900s I feel like I want to lay down and die with my greyhounds ?????????

  • Darryl Smith [ View On Map ]

    The following benefits I get from greyhound racing will no longer apply.
    Love Greyhound Racing
    Enjoy the process of bringing greyhounds to peak performance.
    As a pensioner this industry keeps me fit and active.
    Going to race meetings is a social occasion
    Enjoy volunteering at clubs.
    Enjoy promoting greyhounds as wonderful animals to race goers and other non profit associations that benefit from coming to race meetings and conducting fundraisers for their clubs.
    Will be extremely distressed as my hobby of training a couple of dogs will be denied to me.
    I am very upset that I have been branded a criminal when I and my family have always treated my greyhounds as part of the family and given them superb care from birth.

  • David [ View On Map ]

    I’ve personally invested a heap of cash into the sport, however that’s not the important thing to me. I love this sport and all my dogs, a night out at the dogs is religion with my family, dinner, cheer, ice creams, and we get to watch our beautiful dogs run around doing what they love, in over 13 years I have re homed every single one of my retired race dogs. Is a dictatorship that Mr Baird is leading and we will fight don’t worry about that, you can’t take our hobby of us
  • David Grindley [ View On Map ]

    I find it hard to fathom how a government can ban anything on a report that which the majority of could have been written by a 5th grader with enough time ,a computer and google is beyond comprehension . This decision will rob me and many other of the joy these animals have given me over the last 40 years as a breeder , rearer and trainer

  • David Taylor [ View On Map ]

    I am a hobby trainer for the last 6 years.

    This decision is totally uncalled for and needs to be overturned. The industry is making good ground in terms of improving our operating model.

    This is my past time, my hobby and my passion and a great way of keeping a family together.

  • Dawn Lee [ View On Map ]

    I have had greyhounds for 42 years. I am one of the thousands of owners/trainers/breeders, who loves these beautiful dogs. I am now retired, widowed and have nothing to entice me to to get out of bed in the morning. I spend most of my time with my dogs, walking, brushing, feeding, bathing, checking water bowls, changing their doonas and blankets, dressing them in warm rugs on cold nights,( sometimes days as well.) If they need a Vet, they are taken straight away. They get into a Vet long before I can get into a Doctor. My dogs are my life. They love to run. I love to take them and watch them enjoy themselves. If they win, or place, it’s a bonus. If not, well so be it. Please, Mike Baird, don’t punish all of us for what a few bad apples did. Weed them out and leave us, the good people, to enjoy our beautiful greyhounds.
  • Deb Churchill [ View On Map ]

    We have often bought beautifully bred pups from NSW. Also had the opportunity to train greyhounds for NSW owners. Loyalty and friendships have grown over the years with our interstate counterparts, transferring hounds interstate to different grades of racing more suitable. Everyone i have dealt with ,have the same caring, loving attitude as I do, to this wonderful sight hound.

  • Debbie Collier [ View On Map ]

    Being the Secretary in the ACT and with ACT Chief Minister stating he will follow suit in the ACT, I will lose my job plus all the staff, contractors, suppliers, customers etc. My main concern is for the many many trainers who will be so devastated over this decision they may have to surrender/relocate their dogs, and that will cause major depression and anxiety. I could cry at the thought of having to give my pet dog to the RSPCA, or the Police!!! What a cruel man Mike Baird is. He must be removed from any form of public position, it’s out there now the report is flawed, with US information 10 years old. The statistics are wrong because of GA and GRNSW not doing their job and we must pay the price. United we will all fight this and GOD willing we will WIN.

  • Denise Fysh [ View On Map ]

    I believe that the reports that have been relied on has focused on areas where there has been no proof but hearsay and those who have a vested interest in the closure of the Industry.  There has been major changes around Australia in this Industry with more to come that will ensure that animal welfare is the main driver to decisions. The NSW Government should take responsibility for having a governing body that was not doing their job and allowed the undesirables in the industry to get away with illegal activity. We should now all work together to make the Industry great NOT ban it.

  • Dennis and Bev Mahoney [ View On Map ]

    We breed maybe 1 (one) litter a year but mainly train our own dogs, we have 14 dogs at the moment, 5 retirees, 6 in work and 3 13 month old pups nearly ready for breaking in, the decision to ban our sport in NSW has devastated us and we are devastated as to what will happen to all the dogs that people are unable to keep if this ban comes in. Over the last 3 1/2 years I have lost my son and a few friends and have been in ill health myself but the dogs have kept me going , I don”t know how I would cope if we didn’t have these beautiful animals. Lets hope that we can fight for our livelihood.

  • Diana Pollock [ View On Map ]

    waging a people in our family has trained greyhounds for 40 years so what are they suppose to do no income at all

  • Ed [ View On Map ]

    Yes thank you Animal Justice Party and grand chancellor Baird for removing a billion dollars from the NSW economy
    Thank you for fast tracking the death of the greyhounds you hoped to help as you have not provided any insight on what to do with those greyhounds that won’t be racing from July 1 2017 other than to hand them in to the greatest animal killer in the country and one of your partners in crime the RSPCA
    Thank you for ensuring the people of NSW will have to fund an extra 339 million in taxes each year
    Thank you for assisting in increasing the unemployment rate in NSW
    Thank you for assisting create a $billion restitution bill that the people of NSW will have to pay
    Thank you for offering training and resources to assist those that become unemployed to find employment oh that’s right you didn’t
    Thank you for increasing the national welfare payments
    Thank you

  • Eileen and Gary Robertson [ View On Map ]

    what will happen to our dogs?(mass Slaughter by the R S P C A.) we have been involved for 48yrs only 2 holidays in that time but It doesn’t matter we love it. WE are prepared to FIGHT this evil work by Baird and his Cronies and we don’t have respect enough to call him honourable because he is far from that.
  • Elite Greyhound [ View On Map ]

    We have a big clientele in NSW who purchase our Australian made products, ie leads and collars and other greyhound related gear.  We are only a small business,  but we will feel the loss of one state severely.

  • Emily Board [ View On Map ]

    This decision will be incredibly detrimental to my family in many aspects. Not only will there be significant financial impact, despite both parents working full time, but having greyhounds has provided my family with a shared interest and activity to bond over, allowing a mostly very busy family to spend time together. Growing up around greyhounds has provided my siblings and I with an incredible experience to develop confidence around animals and has ultimately fostered a love of dogs that I believe all of us will carry for the rest of our lives. Every person I know that has had any level of involvement in greyhound racing, has been deeply effected, on many levels.

  • Enzo Lisbona [ View On Map ]

    I have been Racing and breeding greyhounds for 7 years and the thought of me not able to enjoy my hobby has put me in a state of depression. I love my dogs more than I love most humans. My heart goes out to the thousands of of honest people who call this a job.

    The whole inquiry is flawed with false information that has no evidence to back it. I feel stitched up and Baird has labelled me a criminal even though I’ve done nothing wrong.

    I fear the human death toll will be as severe as the canine one. I hope Mr Baird is ok with that on his conscience

  • Fiona Geary [ View On Map ]

    The effect of the governments decision is devastating on me and my family,I am a third generation trainer whose dream was to continue training on our purpose built property where all spare money over 30 years has gone into building a state of the art property suitable for the dogs happiness so that they are able to perform for us and we work together as a team on .
    The Baird government has cut all my dreams and aspirations short based on zero facts and then bails over seas it is a weak act and one I wish to never come accross again in Australia as this act is truly un-Australian.

  • Fred Didic [ View On Map ]

    I have been breeding dogs for over 30 years. This is buy far the worst thing I have ever had to deal with. It’s a complete joke and we should be given a fair go.

  • Funnell [ View On Map ]

    We currently have 30 dogs. 4 are retired, 10 racing, and the rest are pups.

    30 dogs that each have a name, personality and a purpose. Our dogs will be safe and loved, no matter the outcome.

    I welcome hard, honest and meaningful reform. I cant fathom the sport of greyhound racing coming to an end.

    The decision is based on false numbers, extreme tactics by animal rights activists.

  • Gary Greene [ View On Map ]

    Retired metal worker, always had greyhounds last43yrs, I am aged 71yrs, this is my life.
  • Gavin Higgin [ View On Map ]

    The effect of the governments decision will mean that as a owner I cannot race my dogs or potentially breed in the future. As well, my entire income is derived from greyhound racing nationally and internationally. I am 41 years old and have 2 sons. If the Baird government can make these kinds of decision without consultation how can this country be progressive. I fear that this decision could be the catalyst for others where people are not consulted, only to be told, much like a dictatorship.

  • Gerald Lanigan [ View On Map ]

    Training from right on Victorian/NSW border will mean reduced options to race at following closure of NSW tracks.

    Furthermore I currently own 4 dogs trained by NSW based trainers, so limits as to where I can place by dogs.

  • Gerard Courtenay [ View On Map ]

    I own a young 15 month bitch being reared plus two retired greys. I am incensed by this decision. A biased commission conducted by a politically-left retired 80 year old judge, orchestrated by a small minority of vocal animal liberationists, sprouting information that is ambiguous at best and dishonest at worse, ignoring significant industry reforms, downplaying the financial benefits to NSW & causing adverse financial & health (including mental) issues for thousands of innocent people. Could it be that Baird needed the Greens support in the NSW upper house to pass his proposed sale of the states electricity assets??

  • Glen Formosa [ View On Map ]

    I am 40 years of age. Many of my family were involved in greyhound racing as trainers and my grandfather was a bookmaker and trainer. I have been involved as an owner, breeder and trainer. Married my wife whom I met in this wonderful industry. Her parents are trainers. Our 2 beautiful kids adore everything about greyhound racing. It’s a passion of ours. We are all extremely depressed at the thought of not being able to continue with our love and passion which is greyhound racing. It feels the same as losing a loved one.

  • Glen Quirk [ View On Map ]

    I have had dogs 15 years. They have been my full time employment this whole time. I have no other skills or training. It’s my life. The dogs are my life. I’ve missed family Christmas’s, grandparents funerals, lost contact with friends, go without holidays, all for the dogs. Mr Baird wants to make almost half of my life, all my sacrifices a complete waste of time. Where do I go now? What do I do?

    I fear for the lives of the dogs I fear for the lives of good people. People that will be wiped off the map.

    Mr Baird does not know me. He doesn’t know any of us. Yet through even with all of my hard work, dedication, love and care for these dogs he stands up and labels me an animal abuser and tears away everything I know. That just rips my guts clean out.

  • Glenn Bridge [ View On Map ]

    My dogs race in Victoria however banning NSW will affect all states by more dogs entering races interstate

    Also affects selling options for dogs that are not up to Vic standard back to regional NSW

    The decision is very poor by NSW Premier on many fronts

    Hypocrisy is just the start as well as bowing to minority groups who don’t receive support at elections and failing to understand that reform has taken place

  • Glenn Hatton [ View On Map ]

    I am a breeder, owner & attendant in NSW & have been for 20 years.
    I have invested heavily in infrastructure on my dads farm to build a small state of the art breeding & rearing facility.
    We breed one or two litters a year & keep most pups in each of these litters.
    I have also invested heavily in frozen semen, in total in sitting on approx $60,000 worth of straws.
    We don’t make money from the dogs, it is a labour of love that I guess only those bitten by the greyhound bug can comprehend.
    It brings common ground to my relationship with dad & we spend many hours talking up our pups & racing dogs.
    The dogs on my dads property want for nothing, are given the best in veterinarian care & are treated with the utmost respect for the supreme athlete they are.
    We love our dogs & will be lost without them.

  • Graham Sheather [ View On Map ]

    Ended our lives as devoted,passionate, greyhound, owners,breeders, owner/trainer,studmaster,attendant, race caller. Restricted the love we have of breeding and rearing and seeing them race giving us so much pleasure and fulfilment that you have given your animal a great outlook on life and giving them what the love to do and that’s RACE. These animals are sight and movement animals their desire is to chase. We don’t teach them this is bred into them that’s their breed as people suggest we train these dogs to chase, we don’t it’s bred into them.

    So it will be the greatest destruction of a great Australian pastime that brought us through the wars, brought us through the depressions and by god it going to get us through the greatest holocaust of greyhounds this country has ever seen. Shame,Shame Shame the low despicable Australian government.

  • Great Western Kennels [ View On Map ]

    This decision will have a massive effect on our livelihood, we have spent our life savings and the last 5 years setting up our greyhound rearing property. If they shut the industry in NSW we would probably lose our farm, we also have about 30 pups and race dogs.

  • Greg [ View On Map ]

    I have a bitch coming on season soon and we have been waiting to see what is happening she is a top grade in brisbane, grafton,casino and Ipswich. with everything being said she will never have a litter unless we send her to Qld or Victoria but she has never know anyone else. It’s not right that they can take away our love. They are our kids thats what we call all our dogs.

  • Greg [ View On Map ]

    A sport that engages and encapsulates so many diverse segments of society is an unerring positive for so many regional communities. To stealthily and recklessly abolish such an industry will untwine the social fabric of many of them.

  • Greg Board [ View On Map ]

    I’ve been in greyhounds for 40 years and also ran my own concreting business.For the past 20 years my son has been a partner in both. We’ve both worked hard so one day in the near future we could give the concreting away and just have the greyhounds as we have been quite successful in racing, breeding and rearing our own dogs.

    Now the future we had planned out for our families is gone unless we can change Mr Bairds mind and prove greyhound racing is a family sport and we are all trying hard to rebuild the sport and image.

  • Greg Harborne [ View On Map ]

    I am 63 years of age and presently run a small business mowing lawns and providing gardening services. Greyhounds have been a part of my life since I was 10 years old and recently I made a decision to sell part of my business to take up training greyhounds again.

    I made this decision knowing that the industry was heading in a new direction and had cleaned out the rogue element that has plagued the industry over decades. I have 2 hip implants and my present employment has taken a toll on my health. Training greyhounds again was a chance to keep active whilst making enough income from the meager prize money to pay the bills.

    I am devastated by the NSW government decision to ban greyhound racing as it now means that I will have to keep working in a highly physical job with declining health.

    I love the sport and the people and this decision has effectively left me shattered and anxious about my future.

  • Greg Katon [ View On Map ]

    We just put alot of money into this property to finally retire in the sport we have enjoyed over the past 40 years. We love our greyhounds. If this passes we will lose everything an life will not be worth living. I have worked too hard in the past to have it all blown away.

  • Greg Katon [ View On Map ]

    My future retirement doing what i have always wanted to do will be destroyed.
  • Greg Miller [ View On Map ]

    Being a registered breeder /trainer most of the greyhounds My family own are bitches they are going to be worthless in this state due to a unilateral banning of greyhounds . All the bitches have produced winners are happy well cared for and were our racing stock,winning over forty races,while the three racing dogs are just two but will race now in Victoria . Our decision will be to destroy a hobby my family has been involved for over fifty years with my father and sons. Our oldest dog is fourteen a registered companion animal all dogs are another avenue of government involvement where money is collected by the them with no accountability for expenditure. Pending the legislation of this ban there is only a limited package of options. We will sell or euthanise because we will not be able to have an input in our dogs life’s ,we have great sympathy for all participants who have been robbed of the opportunity to enjoy and participate in their community ,a way of life for many.

  • Greg Shepheard [ View On Map ]

    Love training my only 2 dogs. Also have 2 ex racers as pets. New to Training and love racing them at Gardens or Taree. Only 1 winner but so proud. Also volunteer at local trial track and love helping other trainers and other volunteers there. I’m the new kid on the block, I’m 61 and the youngest ! Taking this away will finish off these great old guys who have put 40 years into Redhead trial track and like other Trainers it is their life and livelihood. Have made so many friends in Racing and like all my Mates and fellow Trainers will fight to the end to keep all this alive.
  • Greyhound Gear [ View On Map ]

    Greyhound Gear online sales to NSW is 45% of total yearly turnover. Greyhound Gear will find it hard to stay in business if NSW ban greyhound racing.

  • Hallinan [ View On Map ]

    Has shattered us and to know our livelihoods are on the line here is gut reaching

    Very emotional time

  • Hannah Reilly [ View On Map ]

    My family own a lot of greyhound and I love to see them and play with them . My poppy has a lot of greyhound that I get to see and he always lets me hold the baby puppies. It makes me happy but now greyhound racing is banned I won’t be able to go and watch the dogs race any more and we won’t be able to keep all of our dogs any more which make me very upset and cry please don’t ban greyhound racing because I love my dogs ?

  • Heather [ View On Map ]

    I just believe that a ban is the wrong decision. I think that if a ban goes ahead the amount of greyhounds destroyed will increase, there is potential for dog racing to occur illegally putting dogs at greater risk in a underground and completely unregulated practice, animal shelters, who are overwhelmed already, will be further stretched. It sets a dangerous precedent and potential bans in other sports involving animals.

  • Helen Sayer [ View On Map ]

    My rearer is in nsw and does amazing job with all my pups. Im on w.a but send them to nsw as they have great rearing facilities

  • Holly Board [ View On Map ]

    I am Holly Board and am 11 years old.

    I get to pick a puppy from most litters. I get to name it, teach it to walk on a lead and socialise with people. I get to bring my puppy into the back yard and play with it.

    When my dog races, I get to watch and cheer for it. Sometimes Pop even gives me some of the prize money when it wins if I’ve been helping out with the dogs.

    We all go and help feed the dogs in the kennels when Pop and Dad need some help.

  • Ian Rose [ View On Map ]

    I have just purchased a greyhound breeding property, I support local meat producers, produce merchants, building suppliers, service stations and supermarkets.

  • J & S Racing [ View On Map ]

    I dreamed for many years of becoming a trainer and 12 months ago the chance came up for me to realise my dream.

    I have spent thousands of dollars building kennels to industry standards, buying quality meat, kibble and supliments to keep my dogs fit and healthy. The best rugs to keep my dogs warm in winter, a quality trailer to transport my dogs in comfort to and from tracks.

    We have spent more on vet visits than we have won in prize money but the money means nothing to us if it means our dogs are as well as they can be.

    This is our hobby and our social outlet and by closing the industry they will take away friendships, livelihoods and people’s hopes and dreams. Why should someone like myself suffer these losses because a small group of people can not conduct themselves in the right manner?

  • Jamie Lodge [ View On Map ]

    Born n breed in to greyhound racing  will have devastating effects on my livelihood lifestyle and family. I domt race for the money i just love greyhounds

  • Jason Huff [ View On Map ]

  • Jason Mckeown Photography [ View On Map ]

    The October Long weekend in Coonamble is the highlight and a major event on my photographic calendar. The loss of this weekend will require a recalculation of my finances for the month.

  • Jay Opetaia [ View On Map ]

    I am 13 years old and the NSW Government’s decision has effected me greatly as my one and only dream is to be a greyhound trainer. I have been involved in greyhound racing since I was born and now own a bitch being trained in QLD. My Grandfather Greg Board is a very successful breeder but he is located in NSW. If the Government go ahead with their decision I will be separated from my Grandparents and will later have to move interstate away from my parents to follow my dream.

  • Jeff [ View On Map ]

    Breeder, owner, trainer, club employee. Been involved 30 years since I was 15. My 3 daughters are breed into The industry, they love their dogs, they play with them everyday, they help feed them everyday and they love nothing more then to watch them race. They always say ” dad it’s ok they didn’t win today they did there best” not sure who gets more of a kick the girls or their dogs on race day
  • Jeff Chapman [ View On Map ]

    We breed and train greyhounds.They are part of this family.My daughter and partner own 3 and as this is a family affair.At present I’m off work with depression and my dogs keep me on track but with this announcement my mind is in a dark place .

  • Jeffrey Crawford [ View On Map ]

    I am gutted, I am shocked at the Goverments decision,to ban greyhound racing,i love the sport,i have two old retired greyhounds they 9yrs old and very healthy and one young pup not far of racing….

  • Jenna Deacon [ View On Map ]

    My husband and I own a dog together with some friends. This dog is my husbands connection to a grandfather he never met, and a family tradition he feels he is carrying on with and developing deeper connections with his family past and present. These dogs were a way of life to his grandparents, and now for him. He assists regularly with his trainer and this is a good outlet for his mental health which he has struggled with. Our dog and his trainers other dogs are treated impeccably; they are just a job for them they are family too. along with the above I am gravely concern with the amount of dogs that will be put down across the state. The dogs are made to race yea, but they run at their own pace, they aren’t whipped or kicked and now many will be killed because of the NSW government. Appalling! Makes me ashamed to call myself a born and bread New South Welsh(wo)man
  • Jennifer Lovett [ View On Map ]

    As a Victorian greyhound owner breeder, my pups are sent to an amazing NSW dedicated greyhound facility. It is managed by a hardworking young family that have dedicated their lives to taking care of greyhounds. This is their livelihood l know how much the greyhound means to them.

  • Jennifer Maitland [ View On Map ]

    As an owner trainer and breeder this decision will cripple me financially

  • Jenny Scully [ View On Map ]

    The wording ‘Eradication of the presence of all greyhounds” scares the living daylights out of me… I was introduced to the sport 28 years ago when I used to work voluntarily in a small pet shop where I would later meet my husband… I will be honest, prior to this I disliked the dogs due to misconceptions instilled in me by others because they were supposedly vicious (they wore muzzles) This was not the case… Since that time I have owned racers, bred litters and even had a bit of a go at training… I have kept pretty much all of them afterwards, with three now in my back yard… I have a 15 month old pup that I just don’t know what will happen to him… I wanted to be able to handle him in his career…That won’t happen now…The other state’s trainers will maybe take a few,.. But they have their own to worry about… Like I said It scares me… How many canine and human lives will be destroyed over this announcement? Yes I said human, it will affect all of us

  • Jim York [ View On Map ]

    As a novice trainer of 2 years. I look like having a new found love taken from me and my family. I have done nothing wrong and now look like being punished through the actions of a few. After working in the same job for 28 years up until the company I worked for closed down (with state govement help I may add) greyhounds give me a reason to go on. As well as supplement my income (sometimes) we don’t close churches for their bad, we don’t ban cars or achohol or rugby league which is always in the news for questionable behaviour. The desicion stinks.

  • Jo Kerr [ View On Map ]

    6years ago, my husband and I followed a dream to move to acres, to breed, train and race Greyhounds. We only had a few before this it was my hubby hobby/passion for more than 30yrs. Then I got infected too. We sold everything to purchase “the Farm” , all of our eight girls had left home or were close to leaving after school years. We have had many successful dogs and many great days out with mutual friends. We have been tested/ swabbed and we have never had a positive swab. We have rehomed many dogs with relatives and friends over the years. We have done NOTHING Wrong, why are we being treated this way. Over the years we have rehomed many RSPCA dogs and cats. The industry has spent thousands of dollars inspecting and changing old thoughts. Why NOT give it a go, having meet 40 of the 69 changes. Why NOT give it more time to prove its worth. Use ONLY Australian cases against us. Fine or ban repeat offender’s. DO NOT drag out problem people for months while they can still race. Thanks

  • Jodi Green [ View On Map ]

    I run Greyhound Re-Homing. We will have an almost impossible time re-homing the amount of dogs needing homes. We are the only group out here and we are one of the only few groups in the state who are not anti racing, the trainers in the area will be looking to us to re-home their dogs as they don’t want to work with anti racing groups if they can help it… Also, it will be almost impossible for all dogs to be transported to groups in other areas without wither trainers or the groups incurring massive transport fees.

    We are struggling to find carers and adopters now, so not sure how we will cope with a massive influx all at once. We are self funded, so funds are already tight and we don’t have access to boarding facilities/ kennels on a large scale. This means all dogs need to come to homes, so we need carers and more importantly adopter to keep the money flowing in to help cover vet fees of at least $350 per dog for desexing and vaccinations alone!

  • Jody Manuel [ View On Map ]

    It affects all my life as my husband and I purchased a greyhound property two years ago and put all our money heart and soul into this property

    So the closure will affect my two girls as well

  • Joe Baldacchino [ View On Map ]

    For my part, I am a hobby trainer and have been for some 40 years, I train mostly one dog at a time and also keep one or two retirees. At the moment, I’ve got one in training and 1 retiree. I train dogs because I like to see them develop as an athlete and the sport gives me an added bonus of social interaction with others involved in the Greyhound Industry. I still walk my dogs morning and afternoon and it is my way of staying fit.

  • Joe Defreitas [ View On Map ]

    Own and train 6 with my 2 young kids ( although they are yet to race)just moved up to the country.. Looking forward to sharing the dogs with them after having missed the last 8 years with them due personal issues with 2 terminally ill parents . These beautiful animals are what has been getting us through and keeping our families together..  They are have a guaranteed home for life  regardless of what they do on race track.

  • John & Brenda Edwards [ View On Map ]

    We live in far north Queensland ,I own and breed greyhound ,I might only see them race live a couple of times a year  but there own life .it keeps us in contact with friends ,family that I have been raise with in the wonderful sport of greyhound racing. Save NSW greyhound racing

  • John Gatty [ View On Map ]

    This is a 40 year love affair with a breed of dog that I know are the most amazing athletes on the face of this planet. What price a passion? What price a dream? What price for the reason to get out of bed every morning. This is a disgusting draconian decision made on the back of unsubstantiated gossip and old wives tales spread by vegan animal liberationist extremists and used as fact in a bizarre one sided Elitist commission.

  • John Harris [ View On Map ]

    I have been a bookmaker in the industry since 1979. I have worked at a number of race tracks all across NSW and the ACT. This is a passion of mine and have had an interest in the game for over 50 years. I have family members that are directly involved in the industry. I have also been an owner in the past and will be devastated if this industry is closed.

  • John Mason [ View On Map ]

    I will have no income n this is my life

  • Josh Board [ View On Map ]

    My name is Josh Board and I am 15.

    I have been involved in the greyhounds for as long as I can remember. I have helped in every aspect of whelping, rearing, breaking in and training the dogs.

    Every year, for the October long weekend, my cousin and I look forward to going to Coonamble to camp and stay in the stables. We spend the weekend watching the races, helping with any of our dogs that are racing and meeting people from all over.

    My cousins dream is to become a greyhound trainer. Mine is to become a first grade footballer in the nrl. I don’t know what I would do if I could never play football again because it got banned.

    I’ve been going to the Cowra track since I was little to watch the trials & race dogs. My grandfather has won lots of races, my grandmother was run into by a dog in the catching pen & broke her ankle. I got to play my first game of football at the ground this year for the country championships & scored the first try. What will happen to tracks like this?

  • Josh Worthy [ View On Map ]

    Family level, we have been involved since i was too little to remember. My dad breeds and rears his own dogs on his purposely purchased property.

  • Julie Tranter [ View On Map ]

    I have owned and raced and breed greyhounds in the past and they were kept as pets by me when they finished racing. My grandfather was a greyhound trainer and I grew up with them as part of my life. My oldest son now races his own greyhound and I bred the first pups he owned, He also keeps them as pets. I love to have a bet on the Greyhounds every Friday night. I am sad to think this part of my life and heritage is being talked about as if it were a crime. The majority of Greyhound People are good kind honest people. Sadly a minority have done the wrong thing and all the good people are willing to fight to save this part of our Australian Culture
  • Justice Kennels [ View On Map ]

    If the ban goes through in NSW, it will almost probably happen in SA, I fight for NSW owners/breeders/trainers as we are all interconnected via our love of greyhounds.
  • Justin Attard [ View On Map ]

    Welding maintance at bathurst club
  • Justin Wright [ View On Map ]

    If the NSW industry is closed down it will eventually affect the greyhound community Australia wide however from a personal view point we have recently purchased 4 NSW whelped pups who are less than 6 months old and we are in the dark as to whether or not they will be able to be registered for racing or not.

  • Kaleb Weekes [ View On Map ]

    Hi My name is Kaleb Weekes 28 from Molong NSW.I have a 2 sons,my father and I own a established greyhound breeding property with up to 50 dogs on our property at times,my father purchased our $500,000 100 acre farm to breed and rear greyhounds and retire,we have purpose built greyhound sheds kennels yards exercise paddocks/runs and much more,we have purchased dogs to race and breed with.and now have $150,000 worth of greyhound stock.
    banning the industry will Massively effort our family financially,

    More importantly before I had anything to do with greyhounds I suffered pretty bad with depression and anxiety, the bond I have created with these beautiful animals has heeled me in many ways more than I ever imagined,it has become a major part of my life,the greyhound has given me a new lease on life and happiness, I have a strong passion for them, and I have a lot of dreams to forfill for me and my family, to have that taken away is heart breaking to say the least

  • Karlee Smith [ View On Map ]

    By banning greyhound racing My Family and I won’t get to watch and support my partner live his dream. Greyhounds are something my partner feels very passionately about. There’s no greater feeling then watching the smile on his face everytime he walks on of his dogs out to the track.

  • Katie Opetaia [ View On Map ]

    My family are heavily involved in breeding and racing. My father and brother rely on the money to support  their families and the greyhounds support the schooling and sporting endeavours of 9 children in our family.

    My son is 12 years old and has wanted to be a trainer since he was 3, he has cried everyday since this was announced.

    There are not a lot of jobs in country areas and this would mean our a struggle to provide for our families our  children would have to change schools and quit representative sport. If they had to move interstate to continue to survive that would tear apart a family that has lived here and together forever.

  • Kaylah Symes [ View On Map ]

    Not only have we spent a lot of time and money getting our property to the high level of standard that will now be rendered useless, we will also struggle to afford to feed the dogs that will be on our property let alone ourselves. We have been living of one wage this year so that we could build up and become full time trainers, and now with around 30 dogs on our properties we will have to look at rehoming as many as we can as we will not be able to afford to give them everything they need. This is our livelihood and something we have worked hard to make successful. The decision is not fair and I sincerely hope it is overturned.
  • Ken Bailey [ View On Map ]

    I have purchased pups thru the Dapto Auction, what happens now.
  • Ken Blair [ View On Map ]

    Even though i now only have retired dogs in my care the decision taken by the premier to shut down the entire industry based on what is now been shown to have been a flawed report is of great concern to me there is no doubt in my mind that this was a totally political decision taken with no regards to the effect that it will have on the many thousands of people who are involved in the industry in one way or anotherand i now call on the premier to reverse his decision and to let common sense prevail so that people can get on with their lives.

  • Ken Fuller [ View On Map ]

    This knee-jerk decision is absolutely disgusting. I’ve been a breeder, owner & trainer for 40yrs handling my first winner, the very first time I stepped onto a track on 24th April, 1976. If there are a few bad apples in the cart, one doesn’t throw the lot out; that’s what Mike Baird seems to wish to do. The industry has come under great scrutiny in the last 15mths and changes have lead to overall improvement.

    Baird’s information is floored in error, as has been the Commission that he set up. Give us a break guys. Your ‘wastage’ figures are rubbery at best. I’ve had pet greyhounds, ex-racers of my own, for 34 of the 40yrs I’ve been involved in the game. I love my dogs & they love to race. That’s what they were born to do; it’s a distinct bred into them.

    I intend to work as hard as possible to breathe life back into the greyhound industry.

  • Kenneth Barnden [ View On Map ]

    I recently became a pubic trainer with the view to make this a full time career in the near future. I also recently built a new kenell block and purchased a new van fitted out solely for the purpose of transporting my dogs. I guess i will be unemployed and out of pocket thousands off dollars

  • Kerry Drynan [ View On Map ]

    This has been my and my mothers life for the last 50 yrs. I grew up around greyhounds. our dags are our life. We currently have 45 dogs which includes 15 pups, 10 retirees and 20 dogs currently in work. We don’t know how we will re-home all these dogs and my mother is 79 yrs old and I don’t know how she will cope.

  • Kevin Keys [ View On Map ]

    This is our hobby which my wife and I have enjoyed for 48 years.
  • Kristine Yelavich [ View On Map ]

  • Kristopher Dales [ View On Map ]

    I’m a breeder with many of my dogs placed in NSW. NSW is important as a racing state as many of the dogs there give so many jobs and the people there love there industry so much please don’t take there passion off them as the people live for this sport and there beloved greyhounds!!!

  • Kristy [ View On Map ]

    i currently have 5 pups that are due for break in. i would love the chance to see the litter race. this is my only litter that i have breed. i also have a young bitch that has alot of potential. my greyhounds love to have a good run in a race. my children and family put alot of love and support into my greyhounds. this decision just doesn’t affect me it affects the people around me.

  • Kylie Board [ View On Map ]

    The effect of shutting down greyhound racing has had a Hugh effect on my whole family and many many friends. My family has had greyhounds my whole life and it’s a Hugh part of my family’s life and our livelihood. If the ban goes ahead I’m very concerned what will happen to my family and all of our greyhounds as I know there is no way they would all be rehomed. And will out racing our family could not afford to keep and fed and care for all of our greyhounds. And these greyhound are our much loved pets as well and our whole livelihood will be gone I’m worried how our family will survive.

  • Leonie Bown [ View On Map ]

    I’m an owner, breeder, and trainer. I had a litter of pups born2 days after the announcement. I have 4 dogs in work, and 4 retirees. This decision (based on assumptions, exaggerations and lies) effectively devalues the property I purchased and set up for dogs 2 years ago. And it destroys the retirement that I worked hard and saved for. The decision will impact hugely on the local economy in Goulburn which has a very large greyhound participation. I have no family so my dogs are my family, and like many other participants in similar circumstances I fear for the future of my beloved dogs if the RSPCA are permitted to do as they please with us. This MUST be stopped.

  • Leonie Willis [ View On Map ]

    Won’t be able keep the 10 retired greyhounds as won’t be able to afford them if not racing. Fresh meat won’t be continued to be supplied and the price to buy at shop will at least double.

  • Lesley Green [ View On Map ]

    I am a 62 yr old woman, recently widowed. My daughter and her family have been looking for a property where we can live together and further our love of greyhound racing. I was the youngest person to hold a licence in Victoria, and trained my 1st winner when I was 12. In the last fifty years, I have bred, owned and trained several top grade winners and track record holders. Our future in racing was planned our 1st venture now, as a family, is due to whelp 10 pups in August. We were so happy, and now our family is distressed. Facing a future with my daughter and her family , not being able to pursue their passion. And spending their holidays, visiting me in Melbourne.

  • Lianne Cook [ View On Map ]

    I have been licensed as an owner/trainer since 1988 and my family have been involved in the industry since 1975. We are mainly hobbyists with a deep love of greyhounds and enjoy the social interactions at race meetings for ourselves and our dogs. This situation with the imposition of a ban on the industry has devastated us badly and also resulted in loss of friendships with people who believed the nasty stories and lies in the media and from the Premier’s mouth.
    I feel very betrayed and gutted by the knee jerk reactions and illegal behaviour by our Premier who is supposed to be protecting the freedom of people in NSW. This has resulted in myself and my family having to see a dr for depression and ill health due to our feeling that our freedom to pursue our hobby has been violated.

  • Lisa Rasmussen [ View On Map ]

    My husband Tony and I train around 50 greyhounds together. Of which 60% are bred and owned in NSW. (Mainly Wheeler), if we no longer have those dogs to work with it will greatly affect our ability to run a viable training establishment.
    This will have a flow in effect to all of SA racing and all of our suppliers in our state.
    We will see reduced field sizes and possibly even cancellation of meetings without these dogs being available.
    We also fear for our own viability and have stopped even thinking about breeding our own pups.

  • Londonderry [ View On Map ]

    Most of our customers work in the greyhound industry effecting them has a run off effect on us
  • Loren [ View On Map ]

    Take away my joy each day
    Plus financially impact me greatly

  • Lori Paez [ View On Map ]

    As a spectator of the sport I do no support the mass slaughter of thousands of greyhounds as a solution. Engage a reform!!! Make changes!!!
    I grew up in the industry and will not stand by the genocide of greyhounds.

  • Louise [ View On Map ]

    I will lose my job as soon as the industry closes.
  • Lucy Kuipers [ View On Map ]

    Many of our locals will have lost their lively hood. Many will now have to find new places to live as they will need to look for new jobs. This then causes loss of friends and the community is now broken.

    The community has now lost our biggest form of entertainment!!!!!!!

    I can’t believe the government can dictate to everyone what we can and can’t do. We live in Australia not Russia!!!!!!!

  • Lynn and Michael Maney [ View On Map ]

    We are heartbroken and struggling to come to terms with the decision. We have dedicated our lives to greyhound racing. We currently have 26 greyhounds in our care, ranging from 9 years of age to 4 weeks of age. We have been involved in the industry for 45 years and have never committed any wrongdoing, we have never even received a reprimand. Our mental health has been severely affected by the announcement and we feel if this goes ahead we will never fully recover. It costs us approximately $555 per week to sustain our greyhounds, money that we spend with small businesses in our local community. These businesses will feel the economic loss and jobs will be lost as a result. Please let our industry prove it can continue to reform as it has over the last 15 months. Our adult children, their partners and our grandchildren are all involved in the industry. This industry has kept our family close knit and we just love the industry, our many dear friends and our beloved greyhounds.
  • Macarla Parry [ View On Map ]

    Growing up my family had greyhound in yhe central west i have xhildhood friends and still remain apart of the raving community.

  • Maddy Reilly [ View On Map ]

    Im 10, years old and have a greyhound named cheeky that my pop and uncle Scott gaz me that i named my self. No that greyhound racing is banned in nsw. I am very upset that I will never get to see her race. I love going out to my pops and play with the dogs and I love going to the dog races and watching them run and have fun so please don’t ban greyhound racing.

  • Mandy Board [ View On Map ]

    My biggest concern with the governments decision is the mental impact on members of my family. Greyhounds have been a large part of my husbands life since before I first met him. This is his and his fathers stress release and an activity they enjoy doing together.

    My children are devastated at the thought that they would no longer have the greyhounds. My nephew’s only wish when he grows up is to become a greyhound trainer. How is the government going to explain to an 11 year old that his dream is gone because of the bad deeds of a few people.

    While the lose of income is going to have a huge impact on our family. The costs of raising 4 children, even with both parents working full time, are considerable, especially when they are very sporty children. They have never been told, “sorry we can’t afford to let you do that”. Flowing on from that, charities that we would usually support will probably also be hearing, “sorry but we just can’t afford it”

  • Mandy McAlister [ View On Map ]

    It will put a stop to our young dog’s career who is trained in Queanbeyan but will be racing in both the ACT and NSW.

    It’s unfair and unjust.  Good people doing the right thing are the ones being punished.  How is that justified?

  • Mandy McAlister [ View On Map ]

    It will put a stop to our young dog’s career who is trained in Queanbeyan but will be racing in both the ACT and NSW.

    It’s unfair and unjust.  Good people doing the right thing are the ones being punished.  How is that justified?

  • Maree Smith [ View On Map ]

    Greyhound racing is our life for both my husband and myself. We have injected over half a million dollars into our property. My husband has been in this business for over 40 years and loves and respects his greyhounds. It would be very difficult to start over again when you are 56. If the government can do this to an industry what else would they be able to do ? What is next ?  This decision has caused so much stress and angst to a lot of people including ourselves.

  • Margaret Bannerman [ View On Map ]

    I am a country trainer and love to race my dogs I enjoy going to all different tracks and catching up with friends .  When my children were little we all went together to the dogs it was a fun family day out

    Having dogs gives me a sense of purpose of achieving something when you see them jumping around all happy and excited to be doing things

    I am just devastated to think I won’t be training dogs anymore I have been involved in them all my life my dad and grandfather had dogs before me

  • Margaret Keys [ View On Map ]

    Have worked on the on course tote for over 45 years .

  • Marion Magnay [ View On Map ]

    We breed a litter or so each year and keep a couple from each litter for racing.  If the ban goes through we wont be able to do this and our fantastic rearers who live in this area will also be out of business.  We have a pink card ready for our next girl together with the frozen vial stored at the Casino vet.  Its a family affair and children and grand children will be extremely disappointed if this ban comes in.

    I’m sincerely hoping this proposal doesn’t get through Parliament and intend writing to my local member.

  • Mark Wilcox [ View On Map ]

    I have 16 dogs on our property 2 old retires 6 racing Dogs 8 4month old puppies if the industry is closed what would we do with these dogs we could not afford to keep all of them as pets I look at the puppies and think what chance have got if racing is abandoned then I think who is going to pay our rent etc

  • Marthese Darragh [ View On Map ]

    I feel deep sadness for greyhound lovers in NSW. I have been associated with greyhounds for 40 years when I met my husband at Wentworth Park. He was a greyhound trainer and I immediately became engrossed in the beautiful nature and athleticism of the greyhounds. We have not trained greyhounds for 10 years but have owned dogs during this time. We are looking forward to moving to the NSW north coast next year to recommence racing one or two dogs in our retirement. This is our plan. So many good people are being criticised and punished because of a few bad people. It is not fair.
  • Martin & Fiona Hallinan & Family [ View On Map ]

    We have 200 acres that we have purpose built for our greyhounds over the past 30 years. We are owners,breeders,rearers and trainers and we have the utmost respect and love for the greyhounds in our care. Our 2 sons 19 and 23 are following in our footsteps, we pride ourselves in giving our greyhounds the best environment for them to strive in and grow. You need to have this desire in your heart to achieve this, we are extremely lucky that our sons and our 4 employees have this and it then shows in our greyhounds how happy they are. It is a 24 hour 7 day a week commitment that we have been doing since 1987, so dare I say we are a young generation for greyhound enthusiast. We should not have to be branded by the past or recent events that are in the light of today. The decision to shut done the whole industry was nothing more than devastating and words could not explain the feeling that came from with in us all as a family, and family includes our greyhounds.

  • Matt Thompson [ View On Map ]

    This will affect my families livelihood as we have been involved for generations.

  • Matthew Waring [ View On Map ]

    Investment loss of approx $50,000 and loss of lifestyle
  • Michael Curtale [ View On Map ]

    My brother and I are in the process of setting up a breeding and racing establishment a dream we had held for about 30 years but could never afford.We are both married with young families and both had homes which we recently sold to fund our lifelong dream but the Baird governments decision to ban greyhound racing as of July 2017 has thrown our lives into disarray.

  • Michael Doggett [ View On Map ]

    If the greyhound industry is closed down in nsw i will lose my property simple as that. I currently have 16 pups under the age of 13 weeks, 8 racing dogs, 3 broodbitches and 5 retired dogs as pets. I simply will not be able to afford the upkeep of these dogs or the mortgage on my property if the industry is brought to a closure,Without prize money and owners fees coming in i will lose everything.

  • Michael Floyd [ View On Map ]

  • Michael Geraghty [ View On Map ]

    The proposed ban has an effect on the whole industry and all animal industries Australia wide. In Qld, more dogs will come here, more won’t get starts, more participants will lose confidence and get out which will create more pressure on adoption and possible deaths.
    The ban will put pressure on other animal industries Australia wide which will affect our lifestyle. This is much more than just a proposed ban of NSW Greyhounds. The uncertainty this will create in Qld and all other states will affect thousands of businesses. The whole industry Australia wide is marking time waiting for the decision. The figure of dogs potentially put down in NSW is massively understated. The estimate of 6,000 is a ruse. RSPCA have already warned of around 19,000 and I believe that too is wrong, it is much more. The knock on affect of this ban Australia wide potentially could see up to 80,000 – 100,000 dogs destroyed. This cannot be allowed to happen. This ban denotes further death rather than reform.

  • Michael Grant [ View On Map ]

    73 year old pensioner with 48 years involvement in the industry  through breeding, rearing and training and club management with nothing to look forward to in the future

  • Michael Green [ View On Map ]

    if they ban greyhound racing in NSW i will be devastated. since i purchased my first dog about 12 months ago i have met nothing but great people within the industry. I will be deeply saddened when all the great people i have met at raceclubs, people working behind the bars, people who have made my kennels, transporters and so forth all lose out because of a few bad apples in our industry. Personally i will be shattered as i have not only spent alot of money on my dogs but i know how much they love to run on race day. tales always wgging when we get to the track.

  • Michael Ivers [ View On Map ]

    I have been in this industry for 25 years, had a lot of highs and lows but just love to breed and race these beautiful speed machines. I have never mistreated a greyhound and still have some old girls today at home the oldest being 15 years. this decision has destroyed my older life. I now will have nothing to do with my time.

  • Michael Whyte [ View On Map ]

    Greyhounds are very big part of my life.

    Hearing the news from Mr Baird last week was a similar feeling to when my doctor told me I had cancer.

    When I had prostate cancer they were the main thing in my life that keeped my spirits up and helped me to not dwell on having cancer.

    I used to travell 2 1/2 hours to go see and educate our pups regularly even shortly after my operation when doctors told me it was not a good idea to drive.

    If greyhounds are banned it will take a part of me that I feel won’t be able to be replaced.

  • Mick Mclennan [ View On Map ]

    the effect will be less availability of race dogs to purchase for us to race here.

    also the sadness of not being able to watch the racing at great venues like wentworth park .

  • Mike Bonser [ View On Map ]

    The decision handed down has put a expansion  plan completely on hold. It has taken considerable  time and money  preparing for this expansion into the industry.

    A few of my owners has discussed there dissapointment and are weary going into a bigger program of racing ,training , breeding. I’ve been working part time to supplement  our current training regime but were almost ready to do it full time

  • Murphys Rearing & Pre Ed [ View On Map ]

    We have spent $850,000 buying and building a purpose built greyhound facilities I have 2 young children and this decision effects us emensly. We are currently booked out over a year in advance how do we pay our mortgage what happens to all of our dogs it will be a dark day in hell before the rspca get their hands on them. We are in a regional area there are no other jobs this will send us bankrupt

  • Neil Scaturchio [ View On Map ]

    Loss of social connection with other owners, loss of potential retirement hobby when I get to that stage of life.

  • Northern Rivers Stud [ View On Map ]

    As a breeder, owner, trainer, stud master this ban will not only impact me and my family but also almost 100 greyhounds… We will still have a mortgage to pay, bills to pay, dogs to feed but without any income how are we expected to do this??? Our property is purpose built and after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on it, the property will be worthless… We live in rural NSW it’s not like they are any jobs available to us, country areas have very high unemployment rates, so therefore our children will miss out on sport as well.

  • Pam Grant [ View On Map ]

    This decision by Baird, has branded me in the same category, as the people who were caught doing the wrong thing. After 48 years in the industry, with nothing against me. I will lose the one thing that gets me out of bed in the morning.  I have mostly non tab dogs racing and 5 retirees to feed. If this comes in, some will have to go. Which will break my heart. Meeting friends at the track, socialising enjoying the racing will be gone. The figures quoted on wastage are not right, as they only started last February, in every state.

  • Patricia Groizard [ View On Map ]

    It has absolutely broken my heart and I cannot stop crying, We have had greyhounds since 1971, They are way of life, we race our own, and we keep our own. We have invested in a property that will be useless now ,we have our greyhounds. What is going to happen to them, to us?. What is the point of getting out of bed in the mornings, we shall have nothing to get up for. What shall we do just wait to die. Shame on you Baird and Grant you have wrecked our lives and you are sending us to an early grave.
    We are third generation Greyhound lovers. My family grew up with them, my Grandchildren and we hoped our Great grand children. Please God our prayers shall be answered and this ban be stopped. I have to stop crying.

  • Patrick Flaherty [ View On Map ]

    I enjoy watching the greyhound races as a social event in our town with family and friends and having the odd bet, just like horse racing, we enjoy it. To have that taken away from us is devastating. I am peeved that a Government can enforce on society what they can and can’t enjoy, I thought we lived in a democratic society.
  • Paul Rehmann [ View On Map ]

    I am currently a greyhound form analyst with The Dogs website based in NSW. I do the form for Angle Park in SA but because the organization i work for is based in NSW my job will be in danger if the industry closes. If I lose this job it will cause me genuine hardship.

  • Peter Luxton [ View On Map ]

    As a breeder, my clients from NSW’s will no longer be buying my bred. I had great owners who always purchased my breed, now that decision will put a stop to that.

  • Peter Massa [ View On Map ]

    We just bought and moved to a 5 acre property and was going to breed a litter of pups and train 2 of them. That is all up in the air now. Lucky I hadn’t started making the slipping track?

  • Peter Shearer [ View On Map ]

    I currently work at Newcastle Greyhounds 4 days per week so if this decision stands this will affect me financially.

  • Peter Thatcher [ View On Map ]

    Can no longer support the industry by owning and investing in greyhounds. Will never again bet with NSW tab

  • R/Flanagan [ View On Map ]

    Destroys way of life. What will happen to my dogs??

  • Raelee Shearer [ View On Map ]

    As an owner/trainer/breeder/race club employee the NSW Government’s decision to ban greyhound racing in New South Wales will affect me as follows:
    1. I won’t be able to own/train a greyhound
    2. I won’t be able to participate in a sport I love
    3. I was intending to breed later in 2016 but with this decision if it stands I won’t be breeding
    4. On a casual basis I work at Newcastle Greyhounds for secondary employment
    On the community side of greyhound racing I am a breast cancer survivor and I hold a Pink Ribbon Greyhound Race Meeting Fundraiser at Gosford Greyhound Race Club to raise vital funds for cancer patients with the funds being donated to Cancer Council NSW which I have done for the past 8 years. The community and the greyhound industry have always supported this fundraising event raising $11,740.00 in 2015. So in saying this it will not only be the greyhound industry that will suffer but also cancer patients as my fundraiser won’t be held again.

  • Raelene McNamara [ View On Map ]

    I am absolutely devastated.I was hoping greyhound racing would be my full time occupation,hobby, existence and passion when I retire. I have 4 greyhounds, 2 retirees and 2 racing at the moment and I was planning to breed from one of the ones currently racing. I have already paid for the service fee which I saved very hard for.I have met so many wonderful people and I am the third generation in my family to be involved in greyhounds.I am so glad my Dad is not alive to see this, the dogs kept him going after my Mum passed away. They were his reason for existing and getting out of bed every day. My dogs are my children, my two legged children have grown up and married and I adore my four legged kids. They love you unconditionally and always put a smile on your face even if you are having a bad day. Don’t let them take away our passion with the animals we love and don’t let them take away our dogs passion which is to race.

  • Raymond Plimmer [ View On Map ]

    its a hobby for me ,I only have 3 dogs in work at the present time not only will I have no hobby but my 5 yr old daughter will be devastated if we have to get rid of our dogs because we cant afford to feed them with no income coming in to look after them. we are being penalised for the wrong doings of 10 people out of nearly 6000 not even 1% and these figure they keep coming up with are out and out guesses as they have been keeping records since 2015 . my 2 acre property worth nearly $950,000 would be worth $500,000 if they close us down .U do the maths who can afford to lose $450,000 with a young family and I’m only a little fish in the sea

  • Red TV [ View On Map ]

    We have been live broadcast vision providers for Greyound racing for 40years, this decision affects my families ability to pay bills and living costs we also have a special needs child who’s education will suffer as we won’t be able to send him to a special school, I have built my life around this industry and its all I know I don’t have qualifications to get work elsewhere.

  • Renee [ View On Map ]

    I transport animals, mainly greyhounds. Without greyhound racing my career would be over. I also work at one of the tracks. Centrelink here I come ?
  • Rick Godwin [ View On Map ]

    How do you describe the feeling of utter devastation when you hear that the sport you have grown up with has been earmarked for closure.Sixteen years ago I relocated to a 10 acre property just outside of Grafton to follow my dream of breeding & rearing my own dogs.Whether they were fast or slow they had a home for life.To read that the powers that be took the word of people whose whole purpose was to destroy our industry without checking the facts is absolutely ridiculous.Blogs & Facebook posts that were taken as gospel.Who wrote those posts.You don’t have to be Einstein to work that out.

  • Ricky [ View On Map ]

    I am shocked with this decision! This sport is a great Australian tradition,fancy trying ban this when more Unaustralian this should be wearing Bloody Burquas!!! I am a Disabled Pensioner and Greyhoumds are my life I and many like me will have nothing left in life I live for my Greyhoumds and I know my Health will go downhill very fast and a lot of other old people also will!!  THIS IS BLOODY CRAZY !!

  • Robert Turner [ View On Map ]

    Totally devastated. I have waited 20 years to re -enter the sport I love. Have just retired and have two beautiful Fabregas pups who are 9 months old. Everything was going great until the news came last week that Baird is shutting down the industry in NSW.
    Now what to do? Move to Qld or Vic and leave our family and home behind to pursue my dream??

  • Robyn [ View On Map ]

    To rip someone’s passion away, whether albeit be hobby or livelihood is very UNaustralian!!! The ripple effect in closing down an industry that is embedded in many of us from generations back is what is CRUEL!!!…there’s the pet food suppliers, rug makers, vets, on coarse employees, transporters, the list goes On and On.

  • Robyn Jones [ View On Map ]

    Husband will no longer have a job. He is a trainer.
    We will most likely lose our house and our passion for
    These beautiful animals . Its not just a HOBBY, it is our life. And only those is the industry seem to understand this passion. Its not just a sport. These dogs are our family. The premier will be making a grave mistake on July the first if this is passed. And alot will be riding on his head. Lets hope he makes the right decision.

  • Robyn McAlister [ View On Map ]

    We have 3 greyhounds and cannot get a run they are not tab class. Feeding them walking and trialling what are u to do.
    I feel sorry for my husband because they are his life he has grown up with greyhounds all his life.
    If we have to get rid of them i feel sorry for him only 1 will be able to adopted the other 2 no.
    What is going to happen to the people that supply good kibble
    They will lose money and maybe out of business.
    You do wonder what the reason the report is so floored but he wont change his mind.

  • Rod Oakman [ View On Map ]

    We force hardship on my family I only earn a small wage being disabled how would I get a job greyhound racing is helping us live better its a way of life 4 generations of trianers in our family
  • Rodney [ View On Map ]

    It will effect my whole life.

  • Rodney Marlow [ View On Map ]

    Trainer for 28 years  I’m gutted.

  • Roger Jenkins [ View On Map ]

    I first went to the dogs when I was 9 with my dad. I was hooked the very first night. Now 45 I take my son. I will be absolutely heartbroken if my heritage is stolen like this. I live on a suburban block so I can only keep a couple dogs with me. Previously I would leave my other retired dogs on the farm where they were reared and rotate them throughout the year. Now the farm will close down causing me a headache! I will find alternative care for them but it will be disruptive for me and the dogs!
  • Ron Knight [ View On Map ]

    Currently employed as Bathurst race caller ,and work as a full time form analyst. Will be unemployed if this ban comes into effect

  • Roxanne Farrell [ View On Map ]

    As an industry participant for the past 40 years as a breeder,owner/trainer ,I am absolutely devastated by this closure of our sport,this is my hobby the dogs are my escape from work and have become our life at weekends ,we look forward to the weekly trips to the races or trials to enjoy our social outing ,we do not play other sports and we support the suppliers by buying meat,biscuits and kibble, ,equipment such as a dog trailer,walking machine,hydro bath,laser machine,plus a whistler sqeaker and quack sqeaker, Trent from greyhound products direct for vitamin supplements,buying leads,collars,muzzles, dog beds , winter rugs and lycra trial rugs ,produce such as eggs,vegetables,fruit ,milk for the dogs,a lot of money is spent by paying for stud dog services and vaccinations and muscle checks from vets ,a large roll on effect will effect the greyhound industry suppliers ,not to mention the social isolation that my husband and myself will experience if greyhound races ceases
  • Roy O’malley [ View On Map ]


  • Russell Ford [ View On Map ]

    I am only a hobby trainer and have purchased this property 9 years ago which I have set it up for all aspects of the greyhound sport this being breeding, rearing, educating & racing. I have invested a lot of money & time into this industry and to have it taken away with the stroke of a pen is extremely unfair. I work full time and it is my escape and enjoyment it allows me to unwind. I know in the past we have had a lot of issues within the sport but I truly believe that whist it has been very difficult we have turned the corner and are defiantly on the way to conforming to all the issues raised in the recently released commissioned report. I am hoping that we are at least granted an extension of time to conform to the issues raised in the report and thus allow the people within the industry to keep enjoying our sport and livehood.

  • Sammy [ View On Map ]

    Emotionally devastating for myself, my family and my friends

  • Sandra Spratt [ View On Map ]

    My name is Sandra, I live in a small Country town in NSW.
    I am 28 years of age, I have been around greyhounds all my life. My parents own & run a reputable Greyhound Education Centre. As a family we also whelp, breed & train greyhounds on our property, it’s our passion & was a huge part of our future. Not only are we completely committed & love the greyhounds & industry, they are our passion, drive, & the love of our 2 sons lives.
    I would like to ask Mr Baird & Mr Grant the following.
    How do I explain this to my Children?
    How do I tell them that we can’t keep our greyhounds & continue with our passion because of a knee jerk reaction of a politician that is decimating an entire industry due to the actions of a few bad eggs & taring us with the same brush?
    How do I explain to them that sometimes when you devote your life & your families to something so wonderful & foresee a beautiful future for your family that it can be taken away from you with the click of facebook post?

  • Scott Board [ View On Map ]

    The massive lose of income would greatly affect our families quality of life. Whilst my wife and I both work full time, the additional income we earn from the greyhounds allows our children to participate at high levels of their chosen representative sports.

    The additional income also allows my children to go to good quality schools and my eldest daughter to attend university without having to put herself into debt. We had hoped to provide all 4 of our children with the same opportunities.

    We have also sponsored local junior and senior sporting teams, eg CYMS junior and senior Rugby League, CYMS netball, Life Studio netball, Bloomfield Rugby League. We have provided support to Anson St. Special School, heart kids as well as numerous other charities.

    The social aspect is also considerable. The greyhounds are something my whole family is able to participate in. My father, mother, sister & her family and my children all enjoy helping out with looking after, feeding and racing the dogs.

  • Scott Campton [ View On Map ]

    I have recently bought a million dollar property and have spent over $90000 to set it up as a breeding an racing set up

    If the ban stay apart of me dies with the sport

  • Scott Gunning [ View On Map ]

    My passion taken away after just 3 years. Many plans for a future in the industry ruined. I recently purchased a holden colorado for now no reason, putting myself in debt in order to transport greyhounds, for no reason.

    My father has been through alot in his life, the loss of this industry is detrimental to him, the loss of his only hobby, leaving him lost and looking for purpose.

    This has affected us greatly, along with many more. Currently we own 4 greyhounds, with one coming back home after retirement to live with us, however the loss of the industry would make looking after 4 greyhounds without a racing income extremely difficult and stressful.

  • Scott Reed [ View On Map ]

    It’s my hobby and my passion taken away in one bad decision !!!

  • Scott Tyson [ View On Map ]

    My hobby and passion taken away

  • Scott Young [ View On Map ]

    My father is a greyhound trainer in the Hunter Valley and my mother treats every single dog they have on their property as one of the family.

    My family has been involved in the industry for a very long time. My parents met at Bulli dogs, my brother met his wife through greyhounds. My grandfather was also a trainer in the Wollongong area decades ago.

  • Sew in Style [ View On Map ]

    I make dog coats for greyhounds most of my customers are trainers and owners. I sell to customers Australia wide but most of my customers are from NSW without the greyhound industry I will no longer have a viable business and will be forced onto centrelink.

  • Sharee [ View On Map ]

    we are a family of 10 with 8 kids under 9 Myself being a supervisor of Maitland G.B.O.T.A I will now have to go and find a new job to help support our kids and our mortgage as we have spent over 200,000 on our property to set up for our greyhound property and now we wont be able to use it for anything, If the industry shuts we will both have to fine new jobs and being in our 30’s its not going to be easy to fine where we can work around our children
  • Sharon Grey [ View On Map ]

    This decision effects every aspect of my life I am a dedicated owner trainer breeder and rearer I currently have seven greyhounds in race work a brood bitch with seven three week old pups and another brood bitch in pup due to whelp in August what is to become of my dogs if this decision is upheld my property consists of ten acres of which over the past three years my husband and myself have spent thousands of dollars setting up for our dogs my dogs are my life that’s all I do care train love race rear puppies my dogs are cared for expertly they are all very healthy happy dogs
    I cannot stand the thought of my dogs being displaced moved out of their home there’s no rationality to this decision it must be overturned Please!

  • Shelly lodge [ View On Map ]

    My dad raced greyhounds for over 37 years and since he has passed in nov 2015 my brother now has taken over them it’s been in my family for over 37 years please don’t take it away from us
  • Skinny Dog Bling [ View On Map ]

    I make rugs for Greyhounds and a lot of trainers in Goulbourn and Kempsey buy them for their dogs – this will effect my sales.

  • Sonia Greene [ View On Map ]

    Owner, breeder, trainer, age 68yrs., always had dogs last 43yrs., the social side of greyhounds is important. This is my life at present we have 16 greyhounds between one and twelve years of age.
  • Stephanie [ View On Map ]

    I buy dogs from nsw and being from WA we are all part of a team.this shouldnt be banned anywhere

  • Stephanie Fernance [ View On Map ]

    I will lose my job and source of income. I had planned a career in the industry which will not be possible if the ban goes through
  • Steve Lockhart [ View On Map ]

    Its catastrophic for my dogs, myself and my young family. Our property was purchased and set up to soley race greyhounds. We are finished.

  • Steven [ View On Map ]

    I don’t make money from Racing Greyhounds. I bet $10 each way every time they race. I train Giveaway greyhounds to give them their social outlet. They are unique, majestic and regal canines, that cannot be laid to rest. I’m in awe of the Racing Greyhound and love them more than humans. Ending Greyhound racing in NSW, is the beginning of the End. Where can we exercise a Greyhound, post ban? Do I take them to the local park and let them run of leash? Why do people let there domestic dogs, run off leash, often in leash only parks?? Answer, they love to run. I’m especially annoyed at Mr Grants , school teacher approach to this matter. ” well you should of done this, you should of done that” Mr Grant is an embarrassment to Australia. Mr Baird and Mr Grant, you have obviously not thought this through. Good Riddance to you both.
  • Sue Honey [ View On Map ]

    Devastated to lose a lifestyle that has been enjoyed by our family for over 100 years. Apart from the aspect of losing our wonderful dogs (as we won’t be able to afford to keep all of them as pets), the many health, well-being, financial and social benefits will be lost to us.

    I feel such an acute sense of discrimination, of unfairness and injustice, outrage at the inference that our family’s reputation is tarnished through association and not wrongdoing, of hope turned into despair.


  • Sue Mawby [ View On Map ]

    Greyhounds have been my life, passion, heart and soul for the last 25 years. I breed one or two litters a year. Rear and train them. They are the reason to get up each morning. Rain hail or shine.

    This ban will not only hurt the people like me that its a hobby to. But those who do as a full time profession. Risk losing their homes.

    The run on affect being huge. Those who supply our meat, kibbles, vitamins and supplements. Not to mention transporters, vets, rural suppliers and bed and coat makers.

    Its said we have “no hope of reform” Has any person been caught or charged since the live baiting scandal? No! proof enough people have changed.

    Why should every person be punished for the actions of ten?

  • Sue Thorncraft [ View On Map ]

    As an owner/breeder and greyhound lover it would destroy my recreation outside working as I am not in the sport to make money I have been an owner/ breeder for 30+ years and have a considerable amount of money invested in straws as well as my latest litter of 4 month old pups

  • Sunnylodge break-in centre [ View On Map ]

    My wife and I own a greyhound education centre. We have worked a hard 30+ years to build our business and better the future of greyhound racing. We have devoted our life to the breed and cant imagine our lives without them. How will we get a job at our age (56 + 63), how will be survive mentally and financially? Totally devastated and completelly shocked!!
  • Talia Opetaia [ View On Map ]

    I am 9 years old and my family have greyhounds all my life. I help to teach the puppies how to walk and like playing with them. My Pop let me pick a puppy for myself and I am scared he won’t be able to race and he will get taken away and I am scared that my Pop and Granma might have to move away from us. This makes me very sad.

  • Tayla Chapman [ View On Map ]

    Greyhound racing is a passion of both myself and my partner. Our greyhounds are cared for and trainer by my parents of Alumy Park Greyhounds. If greyhound racing was to be shut down this would not only affect the livelihood of my parents but also they quality of life. My parents adore our greyhounds and are very passionate about them. The closure of greyhound racing would affect the local community as local racing supports many local businesses.

    Without greyhound racing I feel I would be lost, a part of me would be taken away. Our dogs are very much loved and a part of our lives!

  • Terry Jordan [ View On Map ]

    As a trainer/Breeder/owner we are devastated. Not only is this our livelihood, it is our life-style. It’s 24/7 work, there is no holidays (we haven’t had a break in 11 years), to be this committed you have to feel more than just a passing interest in the well-being of your own dogs, and the industry in general. We might earn around $35,000 per year from racing prize-money, but it would cost us at least $30,000 to feed and care for them, including the ten or more retired dogs, living out their lives at home. What happens to thee dogs when we can not earn prize-money to feed and care for them. This does not only affect the racing greyhounds, but also all the couch potatoes at home. We purchased a 6 acre rural property and built a purpose-built greyhound facility (at the cost of around $100,000) – which will now be very very difficult to sell. We have grandchildren who are very interested in the industry, and we were hoping they might continue our legacy.

  • Thomas [ View On Map ]

    The hobby my father and I enjoy together. we attend Potts part, Wentworth park and Richmond and discuss greyhounds on a daily basis.  We have part ownership in a number of dogs and have trained, housed and rehoused them

  • Tim Hancock [ View On Map ]

    I have spent 250k on new state of the art kennels and rearing paddocks.

    55k on some new pups to line breed

    My dad is retired and it’s the only thing he has set his life to do.

    I have invested everything into greyhounds as I love this sport they are taking this away.

  • Tom Burns [ View On Map ]

    Firstly it goes without saying how this decision affects all of us.
    I have read several posts from people here and most seem to have missed the point.
    Mike Bairds decision is 100% political, if he bans greyhound racing the liberal party in NSW gets a huge chunk of the green vote. If the decision is overturned, everyone knows his intentions and he still gets some of the green vote. Its a win-win situation for him, not forgetting the value of the real estate, WP is not worth millions of dollars but billions. I don’t believe he gives a hoot about animal welfare. He or most of his party will no doubt enjoy a t-bone steak tonight as do 99.9% of the Australian population. They should all (The Australian population) visit the local abattoir and witness a slaughter of cattle to give them some perspective.
    The solution lies in the parliaments of this country, if we allow the crazies to infiltrate parliament any further then its all over.

  • Tony Atkins [ View On Map ]

    we are greyhound owners , breeders , educators and trainers as well as operating tara greyhound equipment , one of the larger suppliers in nsw of greyhound equipment . this total out of order decision will not only affect our business life but our social and total existence .  this  barbaric act by the nsw government will have a massive impact on the whole state.

  • Top Gun Vermin [ View On Map ]

    I sell the carcasses I shoot, about 50% of the meat ends up with greyhound owners.

  • Tracy Barnes [ View On Map ]

    This is my families livelihood and their only source of income. How will they find a new job when they are in their 50s and live in a town of less than 400 people? My sister has just taken over the family business, they have devoted everything the have emotionally & financially… How will they pay their mortgage and out food on the table for their two boys!

    They do not go out and buy expensive clothes and diamonds, instead they put every cent back into their beloved greyhounds. They don’t go away on expensive holidays or go out to dinner, they stay at home and look after their greyhounds. This isn’t a 9-5pm job, it’s 24hours 7 days a week and requires dedication, commitment but most of all 100% passion and care for the greyhounds!

  • Tracy Elniz [ View On Map ]

    In the last 2 years we have build up our property which we bought specifically to race, Breed & rare greyhounds in Molong NSW to house up to 50 greyhounds.

    We have always been passionate about racing & decided to get into the raring side to make a small income to help to maintain the property & feeding of our greyhounds. We have also done a lot of breeding & had successful winners.

    Our whole family are involved in the day to day running & caring for our greyhounds & we would all be devastated to see it all come to an end.

  • Valward Enterprises [ View On Map ]

    As of the announcement we have kept an eye on Dog walking machines orders & since the announcement we haven’t had a sale in N.S.W we are in NSW we buy all of our parts from NSW and 90% of our business comes from N.S.W. So its effecting us straight away cause nobody wants to invest in a greyhound racing until they know the future is secure .

  • Walter Barbiconi [ View On Map ]

    Heartbreaking to know many innocent life’s are about to be shattered because of a decision made by the NSW government. I was born in Sydney but I live in Queensland and to see my fellow greyhound participants suffering just breaks my heart to pieces greyhound racing is a family oriented sport were all walks of life get get involved and to see it banned is absolutely gut wrenching.

  • Wayne Vanderburg [ View On Map ]

    I feel like the government has let the ppl of NSW down. It is put in place to serve the community not shut down entire industries based on a report from a 80 year old ex high court judge. The numbers quoted hove no actually facts. I would of thought an ex high court judge would base his findings on nothing but FACTS….

    No industry deserves to be shut down without due process taking place.

    This government has let down the ppl of nsw and has not afforded the industry a proper due process.



  • Yvonne Carter [ View On Map ]

    As a public trainer, i feel all trainers in every state deserve the right to train greyhounds. Understandably,  the live baiting was disgusting , but NSW trainers under strong directives was working their way thru it.  But it is in the past where it BELONGS.

    I helld a licence in NSW for 22yrs, and still go over the border to race there.

  • Zac [ View On Map ]

    It will screw me financially and my social life and my poor greyhounds




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