Pearl A Hidden Gem


Jeff Collerson

10 Feb 2018

Written By Jeff Collerson

THE theory that good greyhounds strut their stuff in the paddocks from an early age has been blown away with Tahiti Pearl scoring her 10th win yesterday week at Wentworth Park.

Trained by Ron Bell at Newcastle for builder Ken Field, Tahiti Pearl, who had previously won over 720m at WP, displayed her versatility by scoring her first 520m win at headquarters in a fifth grade event.

Tahiti Pearl came from second at the pen and a close fourth on the back straight to run down Deja Vu by a half length in 30.35.

After race the owner Field explained: “I bought Tahiti Pearl and her sister Porphyry Pearl as puppies from their breeder Beau Hedley, who was getting out of the sport.

“When I went to check them out Porphyry Pearl was tearing around the property at a terrific pace and looked most impressive, but Tahiti Pearl was ambling along way behind her sister.

“Just the same I liked the look of Tahiti Pearl so decided to buy them both.

“Of course she has turned out by far the better of the pair, because Porphyry Pearl was so slow she has gone into the greyhound adoption scheme.

“But she was a beautiful looking bitch and I’m not surprised she was snapped up by someone looking for a pet at one of the GRNSW adoption days.

“Tahiti Pearl does not usually jump as quickly as she did tonight so she was always going to be hard to hold off when she settled down so close to the leaders.”




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