The Vault: '15 Melbourne Cup, Dyna Double One

IT'S 2015, late in the year and all the talk of course is about the Melbourne Cup featuring two now absolute icons of the greyhound industry.

David Brasch

21 November 2021

IT’S 2015, late in the year and all the talk of course is about the Melbourne Cup … isn’t it always.

But, in ’15 all the world of greyhound racing revolved on the legends of the track, Dyna Double One and Fernando Bale.

BOTH were already greats.


Both were bred by the Wheeler family.

Both were trained by the Dailly team.

Both were simply marking time before going to stud.

Fernando Bale was the talk of the world but the Daillys knew only too well Dyna Double One was just as good.

Fernando led, Double One stalked him … and won the 2015 Melbourne Cup in one of the truly great match races. That’s what it was.

Fernando Bale went off to stud not long after but Dyna Double One kept going and took out the Australian Cup early the next year. Both dogs retired millionaires.

Westy, Paul and Michelle, grabbed Fernando for stud, Tony Wiseman got Dyna Double One and the winner of 31 races and $1.16 million embarked on what has become a top career.

You don’t win 31 races and $1.16 million and not make your mark at stud as well. Winning a Melbourne Cup sets you up for success.

And, Dyna Double One has let no one down his progeny earning $18.7 million.

His greatest son, Tiggerlong Tonk (42 wins, $766,000), has only just retired and much will be expected of him. In Tonk, Dyna Double One sired the ultimate race dog, sound as a bell, fearless chaser, who never asked for any quarter and never gave any.

But, Double One has also tossed up a host of Group stars to back up Tonk.

These include Dyna Chancer (31 wins, $280,000),Tauwitchere (19 wins, $263,000), Reidy’s Runner (23 wins, $262,000), Dam Slippery (22 wins, $201,000), Lucy’s Milo (21 wins, $196,000), Double Gee (11 wins, $170,000) …

They chase, they sprint, they stay. To date, his sprinters up to 400m have earned $6 million, while those winning from 500m to 600m have brought in $7.4 million. He’s the sire for all breeders.

In the 2021 season, Dyna Double One is sixth on the sires list his progeny earning $4 million.

His daughters are now going to stud and the future is ever so bright for them.

When Double One down Fernando in an epic 2015 Melbourne Cup, the entire world knew they had witnessed two immortals.