Bein Beaming Over New Super Complex

BRISBANE GRC President Les Bein had a finalist in the 2004 Gold Coast Cup and has been waiting ever since for its one-turn track replacement.

David Brasch

17 October 2019

BRISBANE Club president Les Bein had a finalist in the 2004 Gold Coast Cup won by El Galo and has been waiting ever since for a racetrack to replace that glamour joint greyhound/harness venue.

“We’ve had a lot of hopes dashed over the years, but this new complex has already been signed off on and will happen,” he said.

Bein was responding to the announcement on Thursday night by the Queensland Government that a $40 million “super complex” will be built for greyhound racing at Yamanto on the outskirts of Ipswich.

Three tracks, a one-turn, oval and a straight track will be built in a state of the art complex, the first ever greyhound racing owned venture in the history of the industry in Queensland.

“The project has been hatching for a while,” said Bein. “We had a meeting with (Racing Qld CEO) Brendan Parnell about six months ago and spoke of our thoughts.

“He came back to us a few weeks later full of anticipation that this was the plan for greyhound racing in Queensland.”

Bein said hopes of a racing complex in Brisbane were too costly other than in areas that were prone to major flooding.

“And it makes sense to combine the Brisbane and Ipswich Clubs at the one venue, cost saving and racing seven days a week in a potential growth corridor,” said Bein.

“And don’t forget how convenient it will be for owners and trainers to get to.”

Cynical owners and trainers, who have been waiting 13 years for a replacement for the Parklands complex, will be buoyed to know the state government has already got the $40 million for the project.

Governor Paul de jersey signed the $40 million cheque at 1pm on Thursday.

“Brendan Parnell deserves a lot of credit for getting this up and running,” said Bein. “But so does the Racing Minister Stirling Hinchliffe. He and a group of advisors went to The Meadows some time ago to check out the facilities, and he has been at Albion Park a number of times.

“Every time we talk with him, it has been positive about building a complex.”

Bein said the combination of Brisbane and Ipswich clubs would be a positive.

“This project ticks a lot of boxes especially cost savings,” he said. “I believe Ipswich is happy to have it happen. At least I have heard no negative feedback.”

The Yamanto building time frame stretches out to 2022, so there will be plenty of time to secure the necessary development approvals.

Building such a project will take at least 12 months.

“The first thing that needs to be done is quite a bit of earthworks,” said Bein. “But, there will be a lot of land left over for the new club to introduce off-stream investments.”