Boody's Record Breaking Rocky Haul

KEN Boody, making a return to training after an extended break, landed seven winners, three seconds and three thirds at Rockhampton on Wednesday.

David Brasch

13 January 2022

KEN Boody, making a comeback to training greyhounds after an extended break, landed seven winners, three seconds and three thirds at Rockhampton’s race meeting on Wednesday night.

“But, I took a three dog multi, Girls And Pearls, Love You Peaches and Zipping Gibson, but the last one ran only fourth behind our other dog Wink At Me,” said Ken. “I trained seven winners and still lost on the punt.”

His winners were:

Girls Are Pearls 23.91 in a 407m Novice

Won’t Win Larson 24.38 in a 407m Novice

Blue Jeans Talk 23.99 in a 407m 4th-5th Grade

Pereira 30.51 in a 510m 5th Grade

Love You Peaches 30.01 510m Country Cup heat

Wink At Me 30.33 in another Country Cup heat

Molly’s Me Mum 24.11 in 407m Maiden-5th Grade

Ken had five of the seven runners in Pereira’s race.

“I can’t take credit for it all,” said Ken. “My wife Amanda I bought a four-acre property a little while ago that has a 40-dog license and two homes.

“My dad Steve moved into one of the houses, and then my uncle Mick and his wife Amber moved up this way and we built a home for them as well.

“All of us combined the dogs into my name. Everyone knows their daily jobs and it works like clockwork.”

Ken and Amanda moved to Rockhampton from Mackay some years ago and Ken worked in the mines.

“That pushed me out of training, but Amanda and I still had a dog or two from time to time,” said Ken. “I was made redundant at the mine in April and decided to get back into training to see if we could sustain a living.”

Wednesday night’s take home totalled $14,760.

Having such long-time trainers like dad Steve and uncle Mick, Ken was always expecting “helpful advice” to come his way.

“Yes, I get advice all the time, if I want it or not,” joked Ken.

The property has 34 kennels and all are full, eight of them with pups being educated.

“Mick and Amber have been at the game constantly for many years and they are planning to take a holiday, depending on Covid restrictions, which is why their dogs have come into my name,” said Ken.

Ken says support from a number of new owners had been much appreciated.

“Wayne Leek from NSW has been wonderful,” said Ken. “He owns Zipping Gibson. He’s right behind us and the slings are good and much appreciated.

“Brad Belford has also sent me a dog or two to get them away from racing around Townsville all the time.”