Borda Declares Pink Diamond Project A Winner

BREEDING magnate Ray Borda will not be at Bendigo on Friday night when Pink Diamond racing reaches its conclusion but he'll be glued to the TV watching.

David Brasch

17 June 2021

RAY Borda will not be at Bendigo on Friday night when Pink Diamond racing reaches a fabulous conclusion, but he will be glued to the TV watching his host of runners in the glamour finals.

Borda has nothing but praise for the series and predicts it will continue to grow with over $600,000 up for grabs at Bendigo this Friday night alone.

“I am one who believes that anything different, or new, creates a great deal of excitement for greyhound racing and this is exactly what is happening around the Pink Diamond,” Borda said.

“Look at what the Million Dollar Chase has done for Sydney greyhound racing.

“I move in a lot of different circles to greyhound racing, in thoroughbreds, in business, I’m on a lot of boards and mix with government all the time.

“Race series’ like this and the Million Dollar Chase and all the Group 1 events have the outside world talking about greyhounds.

“My thoroughbred connections cannot believe my greyhounds fund my involvement in horses.

“The thoroughbred people I mix with are all talking about greyhound racing with me. There’s immense opportunity.”

Borda’s star hope comes through Aston Rupee in the $75,000-to-the-winner Pink Diamond Sprinters Final (500m).

He takes on superstar Shima Shine and that clash has Borda excited.

“He’s my biggest hope in the series,” said Ray.

“And I’m glad he’s drawn in such a great field, especially meeting Shima Shine and Catch The Thief. If he is the young one going places, he has to match it with the likes of Shima Shine.

“It’ll be a good test Friday night.”

Borda says he can understand the rank and file of the industry seeing glamour races like the Pink Diamond series not being for them, rather the “big names” of greyhound racing.

“I understand where most of them are coming from, but I feel they need to get behind anything that benefits our industry, anything that creates interest and investment in our racing,” he added.

“I compare it to the Sydney Swans many years ago buying Tony Lockett to go play in Sydney,” he said.

“Tony cost the SwanBords a lot of money, but it made the AFL in NSW because Tony was such a crowd puller. That move cemented the AFL’s place in Sydney forever.

“The Pink Diamond is great for all of us. It covers everyone, the breeders, owners and trainers.

“We have to look at the big picture. The Pink Diamond is a great concept.”