Dart To Relocate For Good Amid Newest Flood Crisis

THE recent flood crisis being experienced in Northern New South Wales will see John and Glenda Dart leave the region for good.

David Brasch

1 March 2022

JOHN Dart has had enough.

He and wife Glenda have given up.

The elements have got the better of them.

John and Glenda have packed up and moved into Queensland already. They are negotiating to lease kennels.

Their Murwillumbah home and training complex has been inundated by flooding again, and again, and again.

It has got the better of them.

“Last Thursday, we packed up all the dogs, moved everything to the highest level in the house, and left,” said John.

“But, when the flooding did not turn up, we came back home.

“There are markers in the nearby cane fields we watch to see the floodwaters rising and by Saturday afternoon I was still not seeing those markers being met. But at 9pm Saturday night it was time to get out of there.”

Glenda moved into the Gold Coast, John organised with a friend in Queensland to turn up the next day with the 17 dogs he has in training.

“I sat by the road waiting for first light on Sunday and at 6am couldn’t wait any longer,” he said.

He and Glenda have a training complex they are hopeful they can rent for the immediate future, a state of the art facility.

“Glenda has had enough,” said John. “We will rent our property out for the future and give training one last try.

“We’ve got a few very smart young dogs here and some quality pups on their way, so we have to.

“But this flooding has beaten us.”

John and Glenda have met the challenges in the past, more often than they care to remember, but there comes a time when enough is enough.

That time is now.

The ray of hope for the family is Typhoon Sammy coming out of box eight in the Group 2 Horsham Cup final on Friday night.

“Jason is supremely confident he can win,” said John of the dog bred by the Dart family and owned by son Sam.

Typhoon Sammy recently won the Traralgon Cup.