Derby Winner To Get His Chance At Stud

WHEN it came time for Tess Simmons to name a red brindle pup by SH Avatar back in early 2019, she came up with one that could raise a few eyebrows.

David Brasch

21 December 2021

WHEN it came time for Tess Simmons to name the red brindle pup by SH Avatar-Subway To Venus back in early 2019, she came up with one that could raise a few eyebrows.

She plumped for Incapacitated.

Just like Gunsynd and Winx, it became a name that grew on everyone … and grew and grew.


By the time Incapacitated retired to stud, he had become a favourite of most.

It helped that in 59 race starts he won 24 and was placed 17 times for stakes of $153,000.

He took Tess and trainer Justin King on a ride to the top and along the way the name Incapacitated became one everyone knew.

Of those 24 wins, he included such great races as the Group 2 Richmond Derby and the Group 3 Christmas Gift.

He chased home Wow in the Group 2 Gosford Gold Cup and became a finalist at the highest level, in Group 1s like the Paws Of Thunder and Rookie Rebel, as well as the Group 3 Origin Sprint and the Dapto Middle Distance Championship.

Incapacitated could run like the wind.

He won in 29.46 at Wentworth Park, 29.11 at Gosford, 30.44 and 35.36 at Richmond, 34.46 at The Gardens, 22.20 and 25.32 at Maitland, 22.43, 26.48 and 33.44 at Bulli, and 29.98 at Wagga.

Incapacitated goes to stud with a pedigree that boasts a female family with a couple of the country’s best sires, and a sireline among the best the world over.

Incapacited’s sire, SH Avatar, was one of the very best race dogs of his era in the US where he was a member of the All America team twice and is the highest stakes earning greyhound of all time.

At stud, he has sired high class gallopers Konomi, Braska Dale, Kentucky Boy, Bar Gin, PJ Popshoveit, Taken N Interest, Arkans BD Doc, LK’s Centuria, JS Armdndangerus and Go Bon Ridgeroad etc.

In Australia, he is the sire of Handsome Prince (2020 $1M Chase), King Cratos (G1 Paws of Thunder, 2nd G1 Temlee), Matt Machine (finalist G1 Melb Cup, G1 Aust Cup, G1 Silver Chief, G2 Wbool Cup) and the sensational littermates Suffragette (G2 Launching Pad), Ebby Ripper (31 wins, $317,000), Ebby Chance (17 wins, $58,000) and Utah Miss (19 wins, $53,000).

He is also the sire of Midnight Hero (23 wins, $93,000), Daithy Allen (3rd G1 Nat Futurity), Robson (16 wins, $104,000, G1 NZ Waterloo Cup, 3rd G1 Auck Cup), Midnight Hero (23 wins, $93,000) and Unison (finalist G1 Paws).

Incapacitated’s dam, Subway To Venus (Smooth Fancy-Nitro Sandy by Closing Argument), has proven herself a Group class mother.

All nine of the litter that included Incapacitated were winners.

Her litter by KC And All produced Fast Car Driving (22 wins, $123,000, 3rd G1 Silver Chief) and Rostered On (18 wins, $110,000, 2nd G1 Nat Derby, finalist G1 Vic Peters) etc.

This is the direct damline of the famed foundation bitch Genuine Replica that stems down the generations through great bitches like Lauren’s Desire to Thai Magic and Thai Charm etc.

It is the same direct damline as current sire great Zambora Brockie and Ritza Lenny.

There are numerous successful sires that stem from this family.

Incapacitated has a very diverse pedigree which should capture broodbitch owners’ attention.

His damsire Smooth Fancy is from the famed Gay’s Fancy female line and this too is a family that tosses up successful stud dogs.

Mating options for Incapacitated are numerous.

Obviously the fact Incapacitated’s mother has done exceptionally well when mated to KC And All means his daughter too will be an ideal cross for the newest member of the stud ranks.

This too will mean daughters of Orson Allen (by KC And All) could suit Incapacitated.

Remember, too, that KC And All was mated to the “Fancy” damline to produce champion Striker Light.

Subway To Venus is in-bred to the famed Wee Sal family via Brett Lee and Exceptional and this can be reinforced via bitches with Big Daddy Cool, No Intent and Trendy Leigh in their pedigree.

In fact, daughters of Zambora Brockie will be an absolute must for Incapacitated to not only bring in the brothers Trendy Leigh and Brett Lee but to reinforce the Genuine Replica family. G1 stars True Detective and Lightning Frank are both in-bred to the Genuine Replica family.

Bitches with more of Collision, too, could suit Incapacitated, preferably via females in their pedigree.

An interesting match for Incapacitated could be to bitches with Zulu Zeus in their pedigree. He is also the sire of Zipping Garth so his daughters too could suit.

Another interesting match for Incapacitated could be bitches by Moreira. Incapacitated carries a cross of Rapid Journey in his damline and this is the direct damline of Moreira. It too is a family that does well when reinforced within itself.

The fact Incapacitated carries a daughter strain of Black Shiraz in his damline means he will be especially suited to bitches with SONS of Black Shiraz. This means Bombastic Shiraz and Primo Uno.

AND, Incapacitated too will be ideal for bitches by the greats Fernando Bale and Barcia Bale.

Tess Simmons came up with a unique name when she chose Incapacitated for her red brindle dog, but he made it popular through his deeds on the track.

Now he gets his chance to do the same at stud.