Esteemed Veterinarians Join TVATI Fold

ESTEEMED Vets John Newell and Chris Papantonio have joined the TVATI fold and will act as the Australian practitioners for the revolutionary product.

Adam Dobbin

7 June 2021

ESTEEMED Veterinarians Dr. John Newell and Dr. Chris Papantonio have joined the TVATI fold and will act as the Australian practitioners for the revolutionary product.

With the demand for TVATI skyrocketing in the greyhound industry, the decision was made recently to involve two of Australia’s most highly respected Veterinarians, with Newell and Papantonio’s clinical expertise second to none. 

“I’ve been in greyhound racing for 42 years and have seen a number of products come and go but in TVATI I’ve seen proven results – it’s here to stay,” Newell said.

“I’ve read the 317-page scientific report and taken in all available information and even more importantly seen proven results.

“I think it’s important that people understand this isn’t something that’s popped up overnight either.

“Ten years of dedicated work and scientific research has gone into developing the product into where it is today. And the early results I’ve been involved with can’t be disputed.”

As more and more trainers begin to embrace the hibiscus plant extract as a routine treatment regime (for bone, soft tissue and cartilage regeneration and well-being), maintaining supply is becoming problematic.

The team at TVATI just recently launched its greyhound and equine website to assist with the demand and have enacted Newell and Papantonio to deal directly with participants about the benefits of TVATI.

“It’s important trainers understand there’s no magical cure out there,” Newell said.

“But what TVATI does is greatly enhance the healing of bone and soft tissue injuries.

“What I’ll be doing with clients is look to suggest its use where practical in an ethical way and track ongoing success and derive feedback.

“It really is a boon for the industry. Having a natural alternative to things like pin firing for example can be of great benefit.

“And it’s worth remembering the team is all about tracking ongoing success and maintaining a database with results. It’s not just a case of selling it and walking away.”

TVATI’s Sean Cahill said he was elated that vets of Newell and Papantonio’s standing were prepared to stand behind the bona-fides of TVATI.
“We are delighted that they have agreed to oversee our greyhound participants’ needs,” Cahill said.

“The specifics around each dose is important and needs to be correctly administered, so to have people of John and Chris’ standing and reputation working with us is a real coup.”