GA Rule Changes Threaten Use Of Tvati

THE future of revolutionary product Tvati has been placed under a cloud as a result of sweeping rule changes to be introduced by GA from Feb 1.

Adam Dobbin

18 January 2022

THE future of revolutionary product Tvati in greyhound racing has been placed under a cloud as a result of sweeping rule changes to be introduced by Greyhounds Australia (GA) from February 1.

In the last 12 months, trainers across Australia have reported success story after success story following the use of Tvati, hailing the oil-based product as a game-changer in greyhound welfare.

Included in those success stories has been the remarkable comeback of McCooly’s Lad with leading trainer Anthony Azzopardi crediting the use of Tvati as a major reason behind his star sprinter’s sensational return from a badly broken hock.

But from February 1, Tvati – which supports healing in bone, cartlidge and soft tissue injuries – will essentially be banned in greyhound racing when new Greyhounds Australasia national rules come into effect.

Rule amendments around the possession and use of substances means products which are not registered with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) will be blacklisted.

This is despite Tvati being strenuously tested by leading international laboratories to ensure it contains no banned substances under the rules of racing.

A ray of positivity for the hundreds of trainers which have introduced Tvati into their welfare practices is that state bodies have the power to provide exemptions while the APVMA approval process, which can take up to 2 ½ years, is carried out.

On Monday, representatives of Tvati wrote to Greyhounds Australasia seeking an exemption to the new rule, requesting that the welfare product be treated the same as the numerous other vitamins and supplements utilised by trainers.

Staunch supporters of Tvati, highly respected veterinarians Dr. John Newell and Dr. Warwick Vale have come out in full support of the product, declaring its ongoing use in the sport as an important welfare initiative.

“In 42 years as a vet I can say quite openly that Tvati is the most important product to become available when you speak of greyhound welfare,” Dr Newell said.

“I’ve seen outstanding results in post-injury recovery with new bone growth but also its pre-emptive abilities when it comes to micro tears and leakage of enzymes from muscle cells can’t be understated.”

Dr. Newell added that it will become a slippery slope for GA if all products not APVMA approved are banned.

“What about products to keep bitches off season?” Newell posed.

“I can’t for the life of me understand why they’d be trying to ban it, there’s no valid argument against it, only positives.

“If anything they should be embracing and encouraging Tvati given its clear welfare benefits. It’s hard to conclude that this rule has been thought through all that thoroughly.”

With just two weeks until the new rules are to be ushered in the race is on for Greyhounds Australasia to resolve what should be a relatively simple issue.

Greyhounds Australasia have been contacted for comment.