Form Preview: Group 1 Golden Easter Egg Meeting

The Recorder’s Adam Dobbin and Sky Racing’s Tim Newbold take a look at Saturday night’s Wentworth Park card featuring the Golden Easter Egg.

Greyhound Recorder

8 April 2021

The Greyhound Recorder’s Adam Dobbin and Sky Racing’s Tim Newbold take a look at Saturday night’s Wentworth Park card featuring the final of the Group 1 Golden Easter Egg.


R1: GBOTA Welcome Stake (520m) – 6.27pm

AD: Tim, in terms of race nights they don’t get any better than this. But we do have a tricky one to launch the card. I’ve gone with the immensely talented BLACK CHILLI. Has box six to contend with but he did win here a month ago in a fast 29.76 which would prove more than good enough. Look for RITZA DANIEL to show a good turn of foot from the nice draw after winning Wednesday night and ASTON REWARD commands plenty of respect despite the awkward draw. How are you seeing it? 

TIPS: 6,2,4,1

TN: One of the sport’s red-letter nights Adam, and although it’s not the richest race on the calendar, the Egg is one race every greyhound participant wants to win. Agree, it’s a difficult one to kick off but ASTON REWARD on top for me. Been racing in tougher races and thought she mapped to settle just behind the likely leader RITZA DANIEL and would be too strong for him late. BLACK CHILLI is the fastest dog in the race but he’s too hit and miss at box-rise for me. 

TIPS: 4,2,6,1

R2: Listed Ultra Sense Final (520m) – 6.47pm

AD: Battle to the front will be keenly contested but just thought with the benefit of the look at the track last week PAPI GO FAST is worth sticking with. BIT FLASH beat him to the punch early last week which was the difference between winning and losing. On last week’s sections the flying ROSE OF LACHLAN will be right in the firing line early but it will prove a tougher task crossing. If she does, look for giant-killer from last week TRADIE’S MATE to drop from the clouds late again – the box draw gives him a chance.    

TIPS: 5,3,8,7

TN: Super-keen on PAPI GO FAST Adam. Outstanding record winning 17 of his 30 starts and despite going down as a skinny favourite last week, his run was full of merit after missing the jump. He normally pings the lids and will improve considerably with a run at the track. CUMBRIA DREAMING is a major contender at good odds. Gallant run when narrowly beaten last start and perfectly drawn on the rails. KOTONI BANNER has a mix of speed and strength. Boxed to stalk the hot speed and agree the well-boxed TRADIE’S MATE is a must for exotics.

TIPS: 5,1,2,8

R3: Stake (520m) – 7.07pm

AD: I really liked the third placed finish of SIMPLY SMUDGE last week and if he can step a tad cleaner expect he runs a big race at reasonable odds. DIP IT IN comes into the race with the best form lines and has proven he can handle a wide draw so no question he’s the one to beat. Could be a big night for Jack Smith. Had ALL STAR PUNK drawn near the fence I would have been very bullish about him giving a sight at value, worth including nonetheless.

TIPS: 5,8,7,1

TN: DIP IT IN is touchy at the start but really whistles once he balances up and with a hard railer drawn underneath he’ll get an airport down the outside to get mobile and charge to the front.  Sensational effort when runner-up behind a smart pup last week. Clearly the one to beat. Agree SIMPLY SMUDGE can figure. Getting fitter and fitter with each run this campaign and has the speed to offset the sticky draw. FIRE UP KAREN arrives back in town in winning form and is desperate for the inside.

TIPS: 8,5,2,1

R4: Vale Pat Ambrosoli Stake (520m) – 7.28pm

AD: Fantastic of the club to pay respects to the late Pat Ambrosoli with this race Tim – a more wonderful lady you would not have met. It’s arguably the most open race of the night so I’ve gone searching for value with MALDINI. Box draw hasn’t been kind but I liked the way he attacked the line last week. He’s going extra well. CHRISSIE BANNER has the five Wenty wins under her belt and drops back in class – she’s the one to beat. I thought IDLE RANGER was a chance at odds as well – didn’t have a lot of luck last week. 

TIPS: 6,8,4,2

TN: Totally agree Adam, Pat was one of the kindest and most sincere ladies you’d ever come across, and always at PA’s side at the track. She’ll be sadly missed. Slightly different order but the same numbers. Watching CHRISSIE BANNER return to winning form at Maitland on Monday night was enough to sway me her way, but she’s not flash odds. Can lid-ping on her night and envisage her carving across the face of the field here. MALDINI was solid last start and will strip fitter with that run. At double-figures early he’s a definite saver bet. Agree that IDLE RANGER at a mammoth price can show-up with a clean start. SHANJO PRINCE will steam home when it’s all over.

TIPS: 8,6,4,2

R5: Group 3 New Sensation Final (520m) – 7.47pm

AD: Tim, for me this is a simple equation. If LOUIS RUMBLE begins cleanly he wins with the aid of the red but if he bombs it like he did in his trial and first WPK outing he’s in a world of hurt. Was airborne winning his heat in 29.61 and a big future awaits. Happy to go his way. JUNGLE DEUCE another untapped pup with a huge future – has proven early doors he’s got a knack of just finding a way. COAST MODEL and SUPER ESTRELLA can both run 29.60 odd for fun giving an indication as to the depth of this race. Could easily be the race of the night.

TIPS: 1,8,3,4

TN: We are singing from the same hymn book on this one Adam with LOUIS RUMBLE. He’s a real talent with an explosive turn of foot and he’ll be winning with a safe start. Aided with a dog who goes right at the start in box-2 so his chances are enhanced. Bullish about his chances – best bet! COAST MODEL is a little beauty and makes her own luck on speed. Could ping and pinch it. Although he’s a mighty talent, thought JUNGLE DEUCE was a risk as a winning prospect from the wide draw.

TIPS: 1,3,4,8

R6: Group 1 Association Cup Final (720m) – 8.07pm

AD: A handful of bookies are standing STANLEY ROAD for big money in the series and they were handed some salvation with him drawing seven for the final. But in saying that Tim I’m still in his corner. Can see him trailing a red hot pace with the likes of PRIM AND PROPER, FERNANDO CAZZ and perhaps even ZIPPING NISEKO turning on a hot speed. LET’S SEE ran a great second last week and has claims as well but I’m with STANLEY ROAD – best stayer in the country and expect he solidifies that here.

TIPS: 7,5,1,4

TN: Can’t sympathise for the bookies if STANLEY ROAD wins Adam, they’ve got plenty of mine over the years in pre-post betting so hope the early shoppers get ‘the lot’. He gave away a massive start and reeled them in one-by-one in the heat and I envisage something similar happening in the decider. It’ll be the charge of the light brigade early where they’ll soften each other up which will bring the backmarkers into it late. LET’S SEE was super last week and has similar traits to STANLEY – she’s the danger. PRIM AND PROPER never runs a bad race and can cling on for a place.

TIPS: 7,5,1,2

R7: Group 3 The Ambrosoli (520m) – 8.31pm

AD: Tim, the scratching of FLYING RICCIARDO has thrown the race wide open where I’ve landed with Silver Chief hero LAKEVIEW WALTER off the inside. Never got into the picture in his semi-final last week behind WOW but will get every chance with the benefit of the draw. FIRE LEGEND doesn’t know how to run a bad race and he’s right in the picture despite drawing the middle. ZULU WARLORD is the other major player with the question whether he can run a hot enough split to cross a hot pace. Terrific race to acknowledge the great PA!

TIPS: 1,5,7,2

TN: Consider FIRE LEGEND desperately unlucky to not have qualified for the big one. At two vital stages last week he was just caught outside wide-runners which put him off stride and cost him 2nd in my opinion. Got a great record wearing the yellow and can claim The Ambrosoli! ZULU WARLORD is the obvious one – brilliant beginner with high speed and ideally drawn deep-out. Deserved favourite and one to beat. LAKEVIEW WALTER will go close with fresh air but a little concerned he might get cramped up on the inside. He’ll need to use his hulking 34 kilo frame to hold his line.

TIPS: 5,7,1,3

R8: Group 1 Golden Easter Egg Final (520m) – 8.54pm

AD: Betting suggests it’s a two-dog battle between dual group 1 winning heavyweights WOW and TOMMY SHELBY. I’m going with the WA star Tommy Shelby to win, just love box eight for him and the fact he didn’t produce a gutbuster last week works to his advantage. Wow – well what do you say – he’s that and even more. Extremely hard to beat. Not underselling the chances of VICKI’S QUEEN and FIRE ON ICE either. Bitches have won the last three Eggs and they are both capable of running huge races at odds.

TIPS: 8,2,3,6

TN: The box draw has blown the race wide-apart Adam and both favourites are under the odds in early markets for mine – don’t get me wrong, they both have undeniable chances but I’ve landed on one at value in Qlder FARMOR BEACH. He’s mad for the rails and as an added bonus he’s got wide-runners drawn on his outside so he’ll get a glorious run early. At the double-figures I’ve got him on top. WOW the logical danger, he’s a superstar and is in devastating form. DEVEL SIXTEEN is the real surprise package of the Egg – she’s in the zone and can win at a big price. TOMMY SHELBY needs to come out rocketing from the wide draw to cross the speedy wide-runners drawn underneath.

TIPS: 1,3,5,8

R9: Bob Payne Sprint Fast Approaching (520m) – 9.36pm

AD: Tim you were with SARITA last week and thought her third placed finish was a strong pointer for this. Comes back in class and expecting SIZZLE FLY to go quick early and set it up for something off the pace. IMPRESS TROY has been in flying form at the provincials for trainer Jason Mackay and is a watch at his city debut. At some value CUMBRIA JIM is worth a ticket off the inside – 16 city starts for seven minors but does get the inside.

TIPS: 4,6,1,8

TN: SARITA was great last week but I’m concerned with the draw. She’s got genuine speed boxed inside-and-out and worried she could be the meat in the sandwich. In saying that, class takes her a long way. OPINIONS is one of the best boxed runners of the evening. Loves minding his business wide-out – I’ve mapped him settling just off the speed and letting-go mid-race. Outstanding each-way gamble. FIVE SECOND RULE strips fitter for his latest run. Can fire to the front and break his Wenty ‘duck’. IMPRESS TROY is the intriguing runner. Watch betting closely with him.

TIPS: 8,7,4,6

R10: Ladies Bracelet Soon (520m) – 10.00pm

AD: Race for the greybeards and Tim if I age like SUNBURNT HIGHWAY I’ll be more than happy. But in saying that the bird might of flown! Boasts the 26 WPK wins and just grows another leg when he walks through the gates. Did go down at Dapto at short odds last start behind CAWBORNE MARTY who is in the picture while old BUCK’S FUTURE, a Paws Of Thunder winner, is drawn to figure as well.

TIPS: 7,4,2,8

TN: Time to concede old son, the bird is soaring high into the sky already! I can’t go past the Wenty specialist either. Quite remarkable he turns 5 in August and racing in arguably career best form. Yes, will say he disappointed slightly at Dapto but returns to a happy hunting ground and just 2 starts ago registered his fastest time around the Glebe circuit. NO PROBLEM HERE is better drawn near the rails but racing well and can figure. CAWBORNE MARTY is the genuine speed element in the race and drops in class on his latest run at HQ. 

TIPS: 7,6,4,8

R11: Wests Group Macarthur (520m) – 10.15pm

AD: If EBBY JET POWER repeats his flying 29.40 winning performance on Wednesday night expect he gets the job done in the last. Relishes racing at Wenty and the vacant box to his outside suits. UNREAL ETHICS and ROYAL EMGRAND both come out of the same Egg semi-final and are suited by the small field while the big watch is Victorian LAKEVIEW CRUISER at his Sydney debut. Four runs back finished third to Tommy Shelby in the Australian Cup – great credentials for this. Tim what’s the get out?

TIPS: 2,1,5,7 

TN: Unreal Ethics isn’t a dog you really want to be backing to get out of trouble so I’m hoping we’ve already got a truckload of cash tucked away in the pockets or accounts before it comes to the closer Adam. Look… he’s a very unreliable beginner but capable of reeling off flying figures when he gets the start right. Suited by the reduced line-up so could even get a run through at the first bend with a poor start. Agree EBBY JET POWER is a major player. Back to somewhere near his best. He’s the one to beat. PABLO MOUSE could go straight to the front and sneak away mid-race.

TIPS: 5,2,4,1