Greyhound Rehoming Says G'Day To The USA

AN exciting new chapter in rehoming is underway with GRNSW embarking on a groundbreaking international pilot program into the USA.

AN exciting new chapter in greyhound rehoming is underway with Greyhound Racing NSW embarking on a groundbreaking international pilot program into the USA.

It was with a touch of irony that eight retired performers of the racetrack touched down in Los Angeles on Thursday – Australia Day – to champion Greyhounds As Pets' first international foray into rehoming.

The decision to extend the program internationally was borne from ever growing interest from the USA about the prospects of adopting retired greyhounds from Australian shores.

In recent months, GRNSW boss Rob Macaulay has been working feverishly to get the pilot program off the ground, declaring it a potential game-changer in the way in which the industry achieves its rehoming targets.

"It's a really exciting time for Greyhounds As Pets and the wider greyhound industry in general," Macaulay said.

GRNSW boss Rob Macaulay

"Essentially the program evolved from overtures we were receiving from the USA about the prospect of adopting our much loved retired greyhounds.

"In a lot of US states demand outweighs supply and I think it's a real reflection on our great industry that such a high level of desire in adopting our greyhounds is there.

"As a team we considered the idea on a broader scale with the end result being the eight greyhounds which arrived on Thursday.

"I need to stress that the welfare of the greyhounds has and always will be paramount and we're essentially running the same checks and balances we would if they were domestic adoptions.

"We've got a small team over there with the dogs making sure everything goes to plan. As I said, it is a really exciting time for the industry."

Dubbed the land of opportunity – the sheer size and vast population of the USA makes it hugely attractive as a rehoming destination.

Add to that what locals describe as an exasperating wait time to adopt dogs domestically and it becomes glaringly obvious that a huge opportunity presents.

"The demand to adopt these first eight (greyhounds) has been profound," Macaulay beamed.

"Locals in states like California, which has a population larger than all of Australia, have shown great interest. Same with Texas and Washington State.

"And it's no surprise, wonderful purebred greyhounds in the prime of their lives and we all know what great pets they make.

"In terms of rehoming it really is a new frontier and something GRNSW and Greyhounds As Pets is keen to grow and evolve in the coming weeks and months."

The adoption foray into the USA comes on the back of some extremely successful years on the domestic front.

Greyhounds As Pets have posted record rehoming numbers in recent years with no stone being left unturned in ensuring our retired racers find their forever home.

"It's been a collective effort from all within the industry but there's still work to be done," Macaulay said.

"Last year we opened the state-of-the-art Greyhounds As Pets facility at Londonderry and our investment in rehoming initiatives has never been greater.

"The pilot program into the USA is yet another extension of that. If things take off like I envisage I can see the day where we have a Greyhounds As Pets arm up and running in the states."

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