GRNSW Ramp Up Renewed Wentworth Park Lease Bid

A reinvigorated Wentworth Park is behind greyhound racing’s renewed push to secure a new long term lease at the famed Glebe circuit.

A reinvigorated Wentworth Park with lively public space that serves as a multi-purpose sporting facility and attracts a range of new visitors is behind greyhound racing's push to secure a new long term lease at the famed Glebe circuit.

With the current licence deed due to expire in September 2027, Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) has recently ramped up its bid to secure a new agreement with the NSW Government to ensure racing at the iconic venue continues well into the future under the auspices of the NSW GBOTA.

In a presentation titled "Wentworth Park Renaissance", GRNSW, in collaboration with a number of key stakeholders, including the Sydney Roosters, St. Andrew's Cathedral School, Glebe Dirty Reds and Golf NSW, have made formal representations to government, outlining a bold and fresh new vision for the precinct. 

"Wentworth Park is synonymous with greyhound racing and hugely important to the future of our wonderful industry," GRNSW CEO Rob Macaulay said.

"When people hear Wentworth Park they straight away think greyhound racing given the sport has been part of the fabric of the venue since the 1930s.

The iconic Wentworth Park in 1970

"In our presentation to government, in conjunction with our fellow stakeholders, we've outlined a vision to ensure the site becomes a vibrant hub for sports, recreation and community engagement.

"A lot of work has been done in this space but we haven't even really scraped the surface. The key to success is opening the site right up to increase open land space while at the same time ensuring the site remains functional for both existing and new stakeholders.

"We are confident that in our proposal we've outlined a roadmap which delivers on all of those objectives.

"We want Wentworth Park to be a space for everyone."

Situated on Crown Land in Glebe heartland, the future direction of the Wentworth Park precinct ultimately rests with Minister for Lands Steve Kamper and NSW Government.

In 2020, the NSW Department of Planning and Environmental released a Pyrmont Peninsula Place Strategy which declared a 20-year vision for the area, including Wentworth Park.

The Sydney Roosters are part of the stakeholder consortium to table a proposal to government

In the strategy it was envisaged Wentworth Park as it stands today would transform into broader open space with enhanced parkland.

But Macaulay is adamant that under the proposal tabled, which incorporates the establishment of a Management entity led by GRNSW, those objectives can be realised while also preserving the venue for racing and other sporting and recreational opportunities.

"All of the objectives of the Pyrmont Peninsular Place Strategy can be achieved by opening up the precinct to the public,” Macaulay said.

“We are very supportive of creating wonderful public spaces whilst continuing the important and historical uses of the site for racing, football, and school sport.

"We're in the process of preparing a business case for government, and we look forward to advancing a brilliant plan for the precinct."

Wentworth Park is the spiritual home of NSW greyhound racing, hosting the sport's premier events

While confident a new lease at Wentworth Park is achievable, GRNSW has begun identifying secondary options for the future of metropolitan racing.

They include the prospect of a new complex at Cawdor, improved facilities at Richmond while a redevelopment of Potts Park at Yagoona is another option open for consideration.  

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