GRNSW Successful In Supreme Court

AFTER a week of toing and froing in the Supreme Court, Greyhound Racing NSW has today been successful in its Supreme Court action.

Adam Dobbin

15 November 2019

AFTER a week of toing and froing in the Supreme Court, Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) has today been successful in its bid to continue racing at Dapto.

In handing down his decision on Friday, Justice Robb declared that the administrator put in place by GRNSW to facilitate racing operations at Dapto should have access to the grounds, as well as the books and records, to enable greyhound racing to continue uninterrupted.


Following the decision GRNSW CEO Tony Mestrov said:

“This is a great win for Greyhound Racing NSW and vindicates our actions,” he stated.

“We brought this action to court on behalf of the participants of Greyhound Racing NSW and we are pleased the court has given the green light to continue racing at Dapto.

“The first step will be to retrieve missing computers and hard drives and all other materials that are unaccounted for.”

Responding to Justice Robb’s decision on Friday, the Dapto Agricultural & Horticultural Society issued the following media release.

“The Dapto A & H Society is pleased some common sense prevailed in the NSW Supreme Court this (Friday) afternoon,” the statement read.

“The Court granted an injunction, preventing Greyhound Racing New South Wales appointed administrator Grant Carroll, from running the Society’s activities unrelated to greyhound racing.

“The court agreed that the two parties, GRNSW and the Society, meet to agree on powers to be imposed on the appointed administrator Grant Carroll in the interim, until the matter can be resolved.

“Justice Stephen Robb, in his finding, stated that “real doubt … exists concerning the validity of the appointment of Mr Carroll.

“The A&H Society believes GRNSW has behaved badly, marching into the A & H Society demanding they take over everything. For that, GRNSW CEO Tony Mestrov must resign or apologise.

“The court recognises the key fundamentals of this case: The Society isn’t just about Dapto Dogs – it’s a community facility offering much more. It’s home of the Dapto Rugby League Football Club, pigeon, poultry and dog clubs, Illawarra Cancer Carers, Learning Links Bingo, Dapto Markets, Aussie night markets, Accelerated training along with numerous other activities.

“The Society is well run, at a profit, despite Dapto Dogs events losing $275,596 in the last financial year.

“We intend to seek final orders from the Supreme Court declaring the appointment of the administrator invalid as soon as possible.”

On Thursday night at Dapto, GRNSW appointed administrator Grant Carroll presided over his second race meeting, with four fantastic heats of the GRNSW Middle Distance Challenge run and won.

Next Thursday’s final carries a cool $25,000 to-the-winner.