Jedda Hits The Ground Running

JEDDA Cutlack is rapidly becoming one of Queensland greyhound racing’s most inspiring success stories having hit the ground running in the sport.

Adam Dobbin

7 November 2021

JEDDA Cutlack is rapidly becoming one of greyhound racing’s most inspiring success stories.

The enthusiastic 26-year-old has only been involved in the sport for four years but is making every post a winner following an entry into the industry that was anything but conventional. 

“The first time I’d even seen a greyhound was my first shift working at Albion Park about four years ago now,” Cutlack said.

“I was after some casual work at the time and the opportunity to work at the greyhounds arose and I really haven’t turned back.

“When I was 20 I was working in a financial planning office and here I am a few years on immersed in greyhounds. It’s like a parallel universe but I’m loving every minute of it.”

After working at Albion Park for two years and growing an appreciation for greyhound racing and the people in it, Cutlack had an appetite to increase her involvement in the sport.

And that she did, beginning work for leading Queensland trainer Tom Tzouvelis.

“I was looking for more industry experience and that’s when the opportunity to work for Tom came along,” Cutlack said.

“What appealed the most was that Tom breeds, rears, educates and trains greyhounds so I was going to gain knowledge across all levels. 

“Having worked at Albion Park I knew the ins and outs of race day so to be able to learn what happens behind the scenes has been invaluable.”

Like all walks of life you enjoy your craft more when you’re having success.

And that’s certainly been the case during 2021 with Tzouvelis and Cutlack picking up a flurry of winners, including some at feature race level.

That run of success continued at Ipswich last week when Showdown, Strategise and Lily Monelli raced their way into Thursday night’s $75,000-to-the-winner Ipswich Cup (520m).

“I don’t take for granted the opportunities I’ve had to be involved in these kinds of races so early on,” Cutlack said.

“Getting to handle Showdown when he won the Silver Dollars at Albion Park was a big thrill as was the night at Ipswich when we won the three Derby heats.

“Tom has been great in giving me more responsibility which then lets him go to places like Darwin and Townsville for big races.

“The last few years have been a real eye opener as to just how much work goes into things behind the scenes.

“I don’t call it hard work because I love working with the animals but it’s constant work. But very rewarding at the same time.”

Such has been Cutlack’s whirlwind entry into the sport she admits to now pondering a long time future and encourages others to consider following suit.

“Long term I have aspirations to be a professional trainer on my own and slowly accumulate dogs but right now I’m absolutely loving what I’m doing,” Cutlack said.

“A few years ago I could have never imagined being so invested in the industry. Last week I bred my first litter by Melbourne Cup winner Hard Style Rico so there’s plenty happening.

“When you become involved with the greyhounds and deal with the people in it you appreciate what a great industry it is.

“The more that can be done to increase that awareness the better.” 

On Thursday night at Ipswich, Cutlack will venture to Ipswich with Tzouvelis from their Park Ridge base with a three-pronged attack on the Group 2 Ipswich Cup.

“The hard work has already started to ensure they are in the best shape possible going into the race,” Cutlack said.

“I’ve learnt very early that the harder you work and the more you put in the better the results.

“If we could win it would be fantastic but it’s a very good race with some terrific people involved.

“Whoever wins will be very deserving.”