Kuro Kismet Ready To Launch At Stud

VICTORIAN trainer Matt Clark knows what is required to put the polish on a Group star, been there and done that with Catch The Thief and Playlist.

David Brasch

20 December 2021

VICTORIAN trainer Matt Clark knows what is required to put the polish on a Group track star.

He’d been there, done that with Catch The Thief and his brother Playlist.

So when the Aston Dee Bee-Mayfair Miss dog Kuro Kismet landed in his kennel, bringing with him Group standard bloodlines, he was expecting much.


He got more than he could have hoped for … he got a Group track star who twice put in his place the superstar of the time.

Kuro Kismet burst onto the scene with an obvious talent, super imposing looks and a will to chase that was so, so obvious.

He came to the racetrack with an imposing pedigree. His mother, Mayfair Miss is a wining litter sister to superstar Up Hill Jill who happened to win a G1 Golden Easter Egg, G1 Topgun, G2 Laurels and was placed or a finalist in 14 other Group races.

AND, Up Hill Jill and Mayfair Miss are half sisters to My Redeemer, the Fernando Bale dog who won the G1 Melbourne Cup and G1 Harrison Dawson.

It is not lost on anyone either that Up Hill Jill was mated to Fernando Bale to produce Koblenz who lived up to the high standards set by My Redeemer by also winning the Melbourne Cup.

Back in April, Kuro Kismet proved all that and more when he gave a youngster called Aston Rupee a fair dinkum beating when winning the Group 3 Launching Pad and the $150,000 that goes with it.

The fact Aston Rupee has since gone on to win the G1 Topgun and smash the Sandown track record is a fair indication of the quality of Kuro Kismet.

Unfortunately for Kuro Kismet’s owners, and his trainer Matt Clark, the striking dog recently broke a hock and has been forced into retirement after just 37 starts. He won 14 and was placed 14 times for stakes of $216,000.

Matt and the dog’s owners have been inundated with requests to stand him at stud which they will do for an introductory fee of $990.

It is Kuro Kismet’s pedigree that will win him fans of broodbitch owners.

He is bred on the proven 4×3 of the litter brothers Hallucinate and Where’s Pedro, but he also carries a powerful 3×4 double of legend Bombastic Shiraz. BUT, he also brings in an outcross in his damline through Premier Fantasy.

Kuro Kismet is bred on the Barcia Bale/Premier Fantasy cross found in G1 star, track record breaker and now leading stud dog Mepunga Blazer.

Naturally, daughters of Fernando Bale, in a bid to recreate both My Redeemer and Koblenz, will be MUSTS for mating to Kuro Kismet.

He should also be a target for bitches with Kinloch Brae in their pedigree to develop the proven link between Murlens Slippy and Fortress.

Kinloch Brae has worked sensationally when he meets up with Go Wild Teddy, Where’s Pedro and Bombastic Shiraz … all found in Kuro Kismet.

Aston Dee Bee, his sire, has a litter sister called Aston Miley a G1 Melbourne Cup finalist herself. When Aston Miley was mated to KC And All it produced Aston Rupee. Thus, it would make sense to mate KC And All bitches to Kuro Kismet.

Bitches by Orson Allen (by KC And All from Barcia Bale’s litter sister) will be special for Kuro Kismet as will those by Aussie Infrared and Zambora Brockie who have done well when linked to Barcia Bale.

Magic Sprite has proven links to Barcia Bale and the direct damline of Bombastic Shiraz (found twice in Kuro Kismet).

There is no Collision in Kuro Kismet so bitches with him should be chased. El Grand Senor bitches too will be an interesting match.

Outcross sirelines are advantageous. That’s because Kuro Kismet has an in-bred pedigree and an outcross influence will help with hybrid vigor.

Daughters of Bernardo to double and balance Premier Fantasy and also bring in the KC And All sireline should be looked at closely.

The Launching Pad is a race of potential superstars. Kuro Kismet proved he was that when he held off Aston Rupee to win the Group 3.

It has also set him up for a stud career and broodbitch owners should take great notice of him.