New Goulburn Record Holder Boasts Raw Ability

HOT Raw Ability pup Mellcat Big Boy smashed the Goulburn 440m track record today winning a 5th Grade final in 24.26 for trainer Jodie Lord.

David Brasch

16 April 2021

HOT Raw Ability pup Mellcat Big Boy smashed the Goulburn 440m track record on Friday winning a fifth grade final in a remarkable 24.26 for trainer Jodie Lord.

By Raw Ability and Mellcat Magic, the dog’s time eclipsed the previous record of 24.29 that Got To Casino posted when winning a heat of the Goulburn Cup last year.

Bred and raced by John Mellon and his family, Mellcat Big Boy had only just joined the Lord kennel.

Jodie’s husband, Andy, said after the race he had been approached six weeks ago by Mellon to take on the training of the youngster.

“Johnny is a great Aussie battler who breeds a litter from time to time and has good success,” said Andy.

“I knew about the dog and when Johnny offered him to us, I had to reef it off him I was so keen to get him and Johnny was so reluctant to let him go.”

The first time the Lords trialled Mellcat Big Boy at Goulburn over 440m he went 24.75.

“That was a pretty smart run, but the following week he went 24.60 and Serious Object, who can run track records, went 24.64 the same day,” said Andy.

“So, when we put the pup in the heat last week, I unloaded on him and left it in when he ran second beaten a half-length.

“But, we’ve backed up today and got our money back and some.”

Andy says it is too early to predict how the new track record breaker will turn out.

“He’s a serious dog and will run 500 metres on his ear and even further. I’m pretty sure he would have given the run home record a bit of a nudge.”

Andy remembers rearing sire Raw Ability for Anthony Azzopardi.

“He sent him to me at three months and do you know, that dog never ran an inch in his life of rearing,” he said.

“He would go into a four-acre paddock with other pups, but go and lay down under a tree and watch the rest of them run around.

“But, we sent him off to Chris Nutt to be educated and he rang a while later and said he was a champion. I was hoping it was mine, but Anthony rang and confirmed the ear brand was his pup.

“He even offered him to us to train, but we said he should take him home and the rest is history, him winning a couple of Group 1s.

“And, now here he is looking like a potential great stud dog.”