Stewards Fine Owner Over Rogue Greyhound

The owner of the rogue greyhound which joined in race nine at Bathurst greyhounds on Monday afternoon has been fined by officiating stewards.

James Lamb

7 December 2021

The owner of the rogue greyhound which joined into race nine at Bathurst on Monday has been fined by stewards.

In bizarre scenes, the random greyhound came from off the track to join the event in the straight, dashing down the outside of the track to ‘win’.

Thankfully the track invader raced well clear of the field, with correct weight declared after it was established the unusual cameo had no impact on the result.

The dog, which may just end up with the nickname ‘Jarvo’, turned out to be retired racer Velocity Hope – a 41-start maiden owned and trained by Hsiu-Mei Lin.

Velocity Hope last raced at Young in October 2020, but evidently still possesses some hunger for racing.

According to stewards, Hsiu-Mei Lin had Velocity Hope in a vehicle on-course but the dog escaped and made a dash for the track.

Hsiu-Mei Lin was fined $200 under R86 (o) for allowing the dog to ‘escape onto the racing surface’.