Raging Success: Corrigan Bursting With Pride

"There is a God" admitted John Corrigan after Dixie Zambora improved out of sight to give the club president the first winner on the new track.

David Brasch

14 June 2021

“THERE is a God” admitted John Corrigan after his bitch Dixie Zambora improved out of sight to give the club president the very first winner on the re-opened Grafton track on Monday night.

Corrigan admitted the daughter of Zambora Brockie-Dixie Trick had “improved out of sight” to lead throughout min the 350m Maiden on debut to win in 20.46.

She downed Phoenix Izmir and Nightbird Izmir as the $3.70 favourite.

“That’s the best she has ever gone in her life,” said Corrigan who was bursting with pride at the victory.

But the president had no time to savour the win.

He was “flat out” attending to a million and one things which had presented itself on the night the re-opening of the track after an almost $5 million revamp.

“I handled my bitch in the first, then had to head out to get more grog, and then again for more change,” he said.

“We are overwhelmed with the response to the new track.

“We are seeing people back on course, people we have not seen for years.

“It is a July Carnival crowd for certain.

“To win the opening race is an unbelievable thrill.”

Corrigan first thought of his close friend the late Darryl Schafer who had raced the winner’s grandmother some years ago.

Dixie Zambora’s “track record” of 20.46 lasted only one race before the Darren Russell-trained Deck Fifty Two eclipsed it with a 20.16 win and that was then beaten by Leon Cunningham’s Hootin’ Annie which ran 20.06 in the third.