Scratchings Hand Jagger Moves Derby Chance

SCRATCHINGS of Stanton Warrior and Aston Barak in a heat of the Queensland Derby have owner-trainer Rob Jacobsen trying to contain his glee.

David Brasch

9 December 2021

SCRATCHINGS of Stanton Warrior and Aston Barak either side of Jagger Moves in a heat of the Group 2 Queensland Derby at Albion Park on Thursday night has owner-trainer Rob Jacobsen trying to contain his glee.

Jagger Moves (Jagger Swagger-Kept Under Wraps) has drawn the three box in his Derby heat and comes into the race with 11 wins from 19 starts including recent Albion Park wins in 29.85 and 22.41.

“He is a dog who needs room to move,” said Rob. “He is a dog with loads of ability but he is a very nervous type as well. He can bring himself undone.”


Jacobsen and Tassie’s Michael Sherriff shared in the breeding of the four-pup litter but Rob decided to send Jagger Moves south before he raced.

“I was moving to a property and couldn’t spare the time to train him, even though I knew he had plenty of ability,” said Rob. “Dave Knocker educated him and said he was a machine.”

Sherriff won nine of 13 starts in Tassie with Jagger Moves and it should have read 10 from 14.

“He was about eight in front in another race and a plover flew in front of him on the home turn and he speared off the track after the bird,” said Ro9b. “The stewards declared it a no race.”

Rob brought Jagger Moves to Queensland late in August but he is the first to admit he has had trouble with the dog.

“I probably rushed him after a few things went wrong when I got him back,” said Rob.

“He showed his best in a 395 metre at Albion Park and that happened after he was bitten by a green ant in the parade. He came out and ran 22.41, copped a couple of checks in the run and maybe could have broke the record.”

With the Derby series looming at Albion Park, Rob decided he had to switch Jagger Moves back to 520m. “He was underdone and came out and ran 29.85,” said Rob. “It really surprised me he went so fast.

“He’s a tough dog to prepare and a real confidence dog.

“He comes out of the kennels and starts to build up with nervous energy. “But there is no doubting his chase and natural ability.

“If he gets a clear run on Thursday night, and he should now with those vacant boxes around him, he is going to get his chance.”

Jacobsen’s Group star bitch Crazy Cool has just whelped a litter of five dogs and four bitches by Fernando Bale.

“They will be two weeks old on Friday and I will be keeping them all,” he said. “I might syndicate a few among some friends.”