Second Litter On The Way For All-Time Stakes Earner

THE world’s highest ever prize money earner Fanta Bale has been mated for a second time with her highly awaited pups due in early January.

David Brasch

5 December 2019

THE world’s highest ever prize money earner Fanta Bale has been mated to champion sire Barcia Bale which will be her second litter of pups.

The all-time money winner, boasting a whopping $1.36 million in stakes when retirement called, has a litter of four dogs and two bitches by Dyna Villa that were whelped back in April.

She is due to whelp to Barcia Bale in early January.

It is a virtual replica mating to that which has produced potential superstar Shima Shine (Barcia Bale-Shima Song).

The Barcia Bale-Fanta Bale mating brings in a cross of the littermates Princess Bale and Bartrim Bale 2×3.

Shima Shine carries Princess Bale and her half brother Dyna Tron 2×2.

Fanta Bale won 42 of her 63 starts including eight Group 1 victories.

Jan Wheeler reported that she had just whelped a litter of seven pups by Zambora Brockie from Kenju Bale, a litter sister to Fernando Bale who has already produced Group stars Jaro Bale and Kessler Bale.

“And we have Dyna Patty due to whelp tomorrow to her mating to Roanokee, and the day after Dyna Willow is due to whelp to Kinda Cruel Red,” said Jan.

Husband Paul has been in Canberra Hospital for the past two weeks undergoing a double knee replacement. He is due home tomorrow.

Jan says Fanta Bale, like her racetrack exploits, is a Group 1 mother to her offspring.