Selkrig Hit With 12-Year Training Ban

GARRY Selkrig has been disqualified for 12 years after pleading guilty to charges related to the possession of a possum carcass in December.

GROUP-WINNING Victorian trainer Garry "Gus" Selkrig has been disqualified for 12 years after pleading guilty to charges related to the possession of a possum carcass at his Devon Meadows training establishment on December 17 last year.

Selkrig represented himself at the Victorian Racing Tribunal, facing three charges.

Charge number 1:

Greyhounds Australasia Rule 159 (3) (b)

A person who in the opinion of a Controlling Body or the Stewards: attempts to possess, has possession of, or brings onto any premises, grounds or within the boundaries of any property where greyhounds are, or activities associated with greyhound racing occur or are intended to occur, any animal carcass or part of an animal, for the purpose of being, or which is reasonably likely to be or capable of being, used as bait, quarry or lure;

Must be disqualified for a period not less than 10 years …

Charge number 2:

Greyhounds Australasia Rule 158 (1)

Only lures approved by a Controlling Body are permitted to be used or kept in the possession of a person at any place where greyhounds are, or greyhound racing activities occur.

Charge number 3:

Greyhounds Australasia Rule 164 (a)

Offences in relation to investigations and inquiries. An offence is committed if a person:

  1. Makes a false or misleading statement in relation to or during an investigation, inspection, examination, test or inquiry (or at any other disciplinary process, hearing or appeal proceeding).

Selkrig pleaded guilty to all three charges.

In considering penalty, the Tribunal factored in Selkrig's "strong record in the industry over a lifetime" – Selkrig has been a registered owner, breeder and public trainer since 1985 – and that he pleaded guilty at an early stage and co-operated with stewards.

Also taken into account was the serious nature of the charges, the need for specific and general deterrence, maintaining the good name of the industry and animal welfare considerations.

On Charge 1, Selkrig was disqualified for 12 years.

On Charge 2, he received a five-year disqualification, to be served concurrently with the penalty for Charge 1.

On Charge 3, Selkrig was fined $250.

The Tribunal concluded that there were no special circumstances that would lead to a disqualification less than the prescribed 10-year minimum.

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