Sibling Rivalry On Show In Ipswich Sprint Decider

ANDREW Monaghan rugged up Red Pollard in last Saturday’s Ipswich Auction Sprint semi-finals expecting to run a place behind Flaming Rose.

Isaac Murphy

24 February 2021

NORTHERN Rivers trainer Andrew Monaghan rugged up Red Pollard in last Saturday’s Ipswich Auction Sprint semi-finals fully expecting to run a place behind odds-on favourite Flaming Rose.

But the son of Barcia Bale exceeded expectations by scoring in a slick 25.16, putting himself right in contention for this weekend’s finale.

Winner at five of his eight career starts, Red Pollard will exit box seven for Saturday night’s final, the first time he’s drawn that box in his brief career to date.

“The dog’s always shown good ability,” Monaghan offered.

“I was saying to one of the guys before the semi-finals he just hadn’t quite put it all together yet and then he came out and ran his best race yet.

“I was confident we’d make the top four and give ourselves a crack at the final but didn’t expect to beat Flaming Rose from the eight.

“He’s still a bit green and in the final he’ll give away a lot of experience to the favourites Little Byrnes and Borneo Bandit which have drawn one and two.”

From box seven in Saturday’s quality finale, Monaghan is very aware that his charge will need another brilliant beginning.

“Wherever he drew in relation to Little Byrnes and Borneo Bandit it was going to be a tough ask and he’s going to have to go to another level being posted in seven,” he said.

“The inside two will probably have to bump early if he wants to lead, but if he can get across, they’ll have to run some time to beat him.”

Monaghan praised the Ipswich Club for getting the Sprint race up and running with plenty of short course dogs lining up for a crack at a feature win.

“The re-introduction of this race last year has been a real hit with trainers,” he added.

“It’s tough to find young dogs that’ll run the 500 metres. This dog can’t but he still gets a chance to race for good money Saturday night.

Interestingly, race favourite Little Byrnes is Red Pollard’s litter brother, Monaghan keen to do a good job for the breeder.

“I’m pretty motivated to do a good job for the owner and breeder Lawry Meteyard who came to me with the dog after he was a buy back at the Auction, I’ve been very fortunate to pick one up like him,” he said.

“His main rival Little Byrnes is his brother out of Lawry’s (Meteyard) Barcia Bale/Mitchie Madam litter, with what those two have done so far they’re clearly a fast line.”