Star Youngster Makes Stunning Racing Return

CHAMPION trainer Anthony Azzopardi has credited the use of TVATi for the stunning return to racing of his regally bred sprinter Brother Bearing.

Adam Dobbin

24 April 2021

CHAMPION trainer Anthony Azzopardi has credited the use of revolutionary product TVATi for the stunning return to racing of his regally bred sprinter Brother Bearing.

On Wednesday night at Ballarat the son of Fernando Bale produced a powerhouse performance to get up and score, just five days after making a successful return to racing at Bendigo in equally sparkling fashion.

“It’s hard to explain just how good this dog has returned through the help of TVATi Oil – I couldn’t recommend it more highly,” said Azzopardi.

“This dog broke down on Melbourne Cup night last year – he had two chips in a hock that had to be removed and it was really touch and go there for a while.

“I got put onto TVATi thinking I had nothing to lose and the results have been remarkable. He’s returned as good as ever but just as important is that he’s pulling up perfectly after a run.

“Structurally he’s as strong and sound as ever.”

In recent months the application of TVATi Oil in greyhound racing has become more and more prevalent as success story after success story is proclaimed.

The brainchild of Sean Cahill, TVATI Oil supports the healing of bone, cartilage and soft tissue injuries, and until more recently, had been used exclusively on professional athletes with great success.

Its entry into greyhound and thoroughbred racing is accelerating at a rate of knots with Azzopardi one of just a host of leading trainers sold on the all natural product which hails from the Cook Islands.

“But the bigger story with TVATi will be McCooly’s Lad when he returns,” Azzopardi said.

“He actually smashed his hock in a trial two weeks after (his brother) Brother Bearing broke down and that’s when I got them both on TVATi.

“McCooly’s Lad’s recovery so far has been remarkable. He’s months ahead of where he should be and when you look at the hock you wouldn’t even know he’s had an injury.

“The divot has totally healed and I’ve been slipping him up the straight and he’s pulling up fantastic. It’s funny to say but he’s going up as good now as he was before the injury and he’s got two screws in there.

“It has totally healed.”

Winner at five of his nine starts, McCooly’s Lad had the greyhound racing world at his feet before tragically breaking down in preparation for a tilt at the Group 1 Silver Chief at The Meadows in December.

In terms of a racing return all had seemed lost with the injury on the “worse” side.

But now thanks to TVATi not only is a return likely, Azzopardi is bristling at the prospect of his star chaser perhaps reaching the dizzy heights he once promised.

“It’s hard to get your head around how a product like this can have such an impact but it does,” Azzopardi said.

“I’ve found it great with the older dogs that might have niggling injuries that you might not always pick up.

“But as good as it is there’s still no better healer than time. So with McCooly’s Lad I’ll still be taking it slowly. In a few weeks I’ll look at giving him a run on the circle and see how he stands up but so far so good.

“If not for TVATi though he wouldn’t even be slipping yet. It won’t make dogs run faster but it heals injuries like I haven’t seen and is a massive boost to the welfare of the dogs.

“It really is a game-changer for greyhound racing.”

Those that would like to inquire about TVATi can do so by contacting Sean at the email address: