"Vulnerabilities" Eliminated In Box Draw Review

AN independent review of the box draw processes in NSW has been completed with the recommendations from the probe to be ushered in immediately.

Adam Dobbin

13 August 2021

AN exhaustive independent review of the box draw processes in New South Wales has been completed with the recommendations from the probe to be ushered in immediately.

Back in January, the Greyhound Welfare & Integrity Commission (GWIC) and Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) commissioned firm CurbyMcLintock to carry out a forensic examination of the box procedures after some participants expressed integrity concerns.

GWIC CEO Steve Griffin said on Friday that while the review had identified “potential vulnerabilities” there was “no evidence that the integrity of the process had been compromised”.

“GWIC and GRNSW are committed to ensuring that racing is conducted with maximum integrity and both bodies were united in their desire to conduct a full and independent review into the box draw process,” Griffin said. 

“Whilst the review identified potential vulnerabilities, no evidence was found that indicated the integrity of  the process had been compromised.

“The recommendations from the review, when fully implemented, will strengthen the protocols around the box draw process eliminating the potential for manipulation.”

Running parallel with the audit was a review of the GRNSW Grading Policy, interviews with GRNSW grading staff and extraction and analysis of data where it was found that only 0.6% of races in the period tested involved manual adjustment.

“In addition, GWIC conducted an analysis of betting transactions involving manual draws and whilst no integrity concerns have been identified, all recommendations to improve the box draw process made by CurbyMcLintock will be adopted, some immediately,” Griffin added.

GRNSW CEO Tony Mestrov added that both industry bodies were satisfied with the CurbyMcLintock review and welcomed the news betting analysis carried out by GWIC did not reveal any inappropriate conduct on behalf of those responsible for the box draw process.  

“Overall, GRNSW is pleased with the outcome of the review, and specifically the determination that there have been no issues with previous box draws or instances where integrity has been compromised as a part of drawing boxes for races,” Mestrov said.

“However, we note that the review did identify the potential for vulnerabilities in the process and the information technology system that supports it.

“That’s why we’ve taken steps to implement the recommendations, particularly regarding redraw oversight, effective immediately, with further system updates to be made to OzChase as soon as possible.”