An Inside Look At Tonight's Launching Pad Hopefuls

THURSDAY night's Launching Pad at Sandown Park is shaping up as an absolute blockbuster ... who will take home the $150,000 first prize?

Mick Floyd

1 April 2021

THE Launching Pad is a proven, well, launching pad for a number champions and the 2021 edition will be no different.

We’ve learned a lot about the next wave of greyhound racing’s stars over the last three weeks. Ahead of Thursday’s finale, here’s a look at something you may not know about each of tonight’s finalists.


Kuro Kismet

Trainer: Matt Clark
Opening price: $26
Current price: $3.60
Path to the Pad
Heat: 1st – 29.18
Semi: 2nd – 29.61
What you may not know: Tonight is his first start from box 1. In 20 career starts so far, he’s drawn boxes 2 and 3 four times for a 2-1-0 record.


Trainer: Robert Camilleri
Opening price: $71
Current price: $4.80
Path to the Pad
Heat: 2nd – 29.59
Semi: 1st – 29.61
What you may not know: Is lining up for his sixth start at Sandown Park 27 days. Has gone faster at both the first split and overall in each of his last three starts, and has drawn box 2 for fourth time in five starts having won his previous three in in the black and white rug.


Trainer: Jessica Sharp
Opening price: $12
Current price: $9
Path to the Pad
Heat: 1st – 29.52
Semi: 1st – 29.61
What you may not know: Is the only undefeated greyhound remaining in the series, and looking to become just the second greyhound after beast Unleashed to win the maximum $167,000 available in the series.

Fernando Mick

Trainer: David Geall
Opening price: $101
Current price: $14
Path to the Pad
Heat: 1st – 29-30
Semi: 2nd – 29.67
What you may not know: The last greyhound nominated for the series, Fernando Mick was entered under an agreement between slot holder Geoff Collins and trainer David Geall who will share in the $150,000 if successful tonight.

Sid Core

Trainer: Robert Britton
Opening price: $151
Current price: $41
Path to the Pad
Heat: 4th – 29.81
Semi: 1st – 29.56
What you may not know: Came into the series off a five month lay off and was the slowest of Britton’s four Launching Pad contenders. One of only two greyhound (Destruction the other) that has improved both his first split and overall time with each run this series.

Wedding Or Baby

Trainer: David Burnett
Opening price: $201
Current price: $61
Path to the Pad
Heat: 2nd – 29.58
Semi: 1st – 29.69
What you may not know: Named by Burnett in 2020 during COVID lockdown when his daughter was contemplating delaying her wedding and having a baby instead. Instead, she had both – perhaps he should have been named ‘Wedding And Baby’!

Aston Rupee

Trainer: Glenn Rounds
Opening price: $5.50
Current price: $2.50
Path to the Pad
Heat: 4th – 29.58
Semi: 2nd – 29.71
What you may not know: The favourite throughout the series despite not having a win next to his name, Aston Rupee has trialled 29.17 (4.97) at Sandown Park. Punters snapped up the $3.60 quote when the market opened following the box draw. No greyhound has won the Pad without winning a heat or semi-final.

Mepunga Warrior

Trainer: Jeff Britton
Opening price: $101
Current price: $11
Path To The Pad
Heat: 2nd – 29.57
Semi: 2nd – 29.67
What you may not know: He’s been placed in five of his last six runs coming from off the pace in each. His dam (Mepunga Rosie) was an accomplished stayer and Mepunga Warrior looks destined for a similar path.