Boan Celebrates Lismore Four Winner Haul

TRAINER Keith Boan admits it was a "good night" but adds he has had a few of those in the past few months with his handy team of greyhounds.

David Brasch

15 September 2021

KEITH Boan admits it was a “good night” but adds he has had a few of those in the past few months.

Veteran trainer Keith, 61, landed four winners at Lismore on Tuesday night all hailing from the same Fernando Bale x Lady Olivia litter.

“But that’s the third lot of four winners we have had in the past couple of months,” Boan said.

The winners were:

Mr. Ali 15.13 in a 259m Maiden

Mr. Murphy 15.32 in a 259m Maiden

Mr. Barack 15.32 in a 259m 5th Grade

Extra Nando 26.26 in a 420m m5th Grade

Keith and his wife Janette decided a couple of years ago they were getting close to the end of the greyhound racing careers and would throw caution to the wind.

“We had three bitches we wanted to breed with so we bit the bullet and put them all to Fernando Bale,” Boan said.

“They whelped only a month apart, two had 11 and the other had nine. It was enough for us to go on with now.”

The litter out of Lady Olivia came as a surprise.

“Generally Fernando can thrown a lot of different colours in his litters, but the litter from Lady Olivier were all black except one pup (Mr Barack) who is a deep black brindle,” Boan said.

“Because of their black colour we decided to name them all after influential black people from around the world.

“And their name stems from the last letter in their ear brand. Mr Barack has B as the last letter.”

Boan was impressed with Mr Ali’s performance.

“We have had a lot of trouble with him cramping,” he said. “But last night we put the suit on him in the kennels, it was a nice mild night and he was in race one.

“He came out and ran 15.13. He will make a dog in the future.”

Boan says the third Fernando litter, out of Noaki Comet, is shaping up to be the best of the three he and Janette have bred. They have not yet started.

“And I have to continuously thank my wife Janette,” Boan said.

“As everyone knows, we can’t do all the work in the kennels and around the property without the help and devotion of our wives.”

Four winners at Lismore on Tuesday night proved that.