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Ask any experienced greyhound trainer about the toughest injury for a dog to fully recover from and a stopper bone issue will be number one.

And that was the dilemma Danneille Matic faced in with Ad Astra after he chipped his stopper bone and tire the adjuring tendon when second to the brilliant Barcia Blue Boy in the Group 2 Bulli Gold Cup Final on February 20.

“We had Poppy Jack in the same race and he suffered a hock injury and not long after Ad Astra joined us here and was ‘on three legs’ after anything like ‘fast work’., trainer Dannielle Matic saisd.

“Many dogs we’ve had have not come back from the sort of injury Ad Astra had but he’s showing no real ill effect now.

“Time is a great healer but we had great faith in what Dr Peter Yore did with Hurricane Luke a few back [with the same injury] and this time we had the added benefit of Tvati Oil.”

When resuming from a six months spell at Richmond, he showed all his natural speed and was only edged out late by Cool Chevy Magic in a fast 17.63.

“He’d only trialled once at Richmond before racing and was a little underdone fitness wise,” Danielle continued.

“He had two more runs at Richmond before we decided to go back to the circle and he really did us proud today. It’s certainly a case of holding your breath when it comes to old injuries like this but he’s come through the race as good as gold.”

Ad Astra registered a slick 19.61 on a windless day and fast times were the norm.

Next up for Ad Astra will return to Richmond’s straight track to not overtax his old injury and the Fireball series – run at Goulburn in conjunction with their cup series – is a target.

Meanwhile, litter brother and kennel mate Wow is being primed for the 440m Group 2 Goulburn Cup.

“Wow pulled a little sore after finishing second to Good Odds Cash a Bulli on August 28 … it’s nothing serious but we decided on a cautious approach with the cup coming up,” Matic continued.

While sidelined, Wow had been active in one sense. The spell has provided time for semen collection on what should be a busy stud career.